Elena Rosellini: «2024? Many news and a renewed program to support our partners»


December is that time of the year when, all deadlines completed, there’s always a bit of time to pause and reflect.

A glance backward, to see how far one has come, to take stock and assess. And a look forward: to continue the journey with well-focused ideas on the next steps and the new milestones to achieve.

We discussed this with Elena Rosellini, Export Marketing Manager, who revisited with us the most important company moments of 2023 and shared the goals that will drive the new year for the wall decor brand.

Elena Rosellini
Elena Rosellini, Export Marketing Manager Viero Decoratives

«For Viero Decoratives, 2023 has been a positive year marked by industriousness. The number of international trade fairs the brand participated in has increased, and the training activities have been strengthened with a more actively engaged Viero Academy. A significant addition to the development and decoration of elegant, sophisticated, and healthy environments came with the introduction of the new product Con-Tattoto the catalog – a water-based enamel with silver ions and bacteriostatic function.


With the new linea Bolgherifrom the Made in Tuscany, collection, we have continued to inspire our grande famiglia di partner spread across over fifty countries worldwide. We have created new decorative effects that highlight the ease of use and aesthetic potential of our products while also narrating on the walls the beauties that characterize Tuscany – a unique natural landscape, an ancient and prestigious history, a lush and precious land, where we are fortunate to be located both as the legal and production headquarters of the brand.

Corteccia effect, by Bolgheri – Made in Tuscany

Surrounded by vineyards and seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape, un grande murales now stands proudly in the Bolgheri countryside, custom-made for the Imperiale Agricultural Company. It’s a project we hold dear, entirely crafted with our products and designed with the technical expertise and consultation of our experts».

The mural created in Bolgheri by Viero Decoratives

And for 2014? What kind of news are planned?

«For the new year,“ Rosellini continues, „we want to continue in the direction we started charting in 2023. Therefore, intensify our research and create solutions that are increasingly functional and sustainable, aesthetically beautiful and comfortable in use, characterized by meticulous attention to raw materials, and capable of blending the strictly Made in Italy nature of the products with a dynamic and cosmopolitan mood.

In this regard, there will be interesting innovations both in terms of product range and creative line, with the clear awareness that our brand has become a significant source of inspiration for designers, architects, and decorators worldwide. It stands out as a high-fashion product for refined interiors. We will continue to enrich the Made in Tuscany collection, giving life to a new captivating chapter dedicated to a specific area of Tuscany».

The stand dedicated to Viero Decoratives during a fair

«From the early months of 2024, we will further strengthen our trade fair activities to broaden our presence in countries where a distribution network is already active. In this regard, I am pleased to emphasize that our showrooms are continuously expanding. At the beginning of the year, we will inaugurate the very first exclusively branded Viero Decoratives showroom in Budapest. It’s a beautiful space of which we are proud, set up following the guidelines of the new ‚Viero Atelier‘ concept.

A moment of Viero Academy

Lastly, we have already set in motion efforts to further engage our partners, who will contribute to the group of brand ambassadors. The vision driving us is to enhance the Viero Decoratives master artisans worldwide, transforming them into true ambassadors of Italian taste and style. As a company, we will provide all our know-how, explanatory materials, training, services, and a 360° support. In particular, we will evolve Viero Academy into an increasingly immersive learning experience, allowing our partners to exclusive testing of the extreme versatility of our products. They will experiment with the mix & play approach, enabling users to express their creativity to the fullest while activating opportunities for participants to actively discover Italian culture. This is an investment we believe in: every high-quality product needs someone who knows how to showcase it, someone who treats it with care, understanding its value and enhancing the material with their craftsmanship, ultimately turning the application into a unique work of art. In short, it will be a year full of challenges. ‚And we will face it with all the enthusiasm and the desire to always be alongside those who strive every day to bring beauty and creativity to walls, using Viero Decoratives products. »

Happy 2024!


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