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Decorative paints for walls in commercial spaces? Here are 5 ideas


Not sure about which decorative finishes to choose for a workspace, a shop, or an office? In this article, you will find a series of projects created by our international partners, an inspiring idea from the ‘Made in Tuscany’ line, and some solutions using the special products OLTRE and CON-TATTO.

damascato wall decorative effect detail

Decorative paints for walls in commercial spaces? Try Damask

Created by SFD, this high-end men’s fashion store in London has a cosmopolitan and contemporary style. To give character to the walls, a combination of quartz paints was chosen, to add an industrial chic touch to the environment. Made with the matte sandy-effect paint Ghibli, this matte, sandy, and brushed decorative finish is ideal for clothing stores because it evokes precious damask fabrics in the viewer’s mind. The aesthetic is achieved through the contrast between smooth and rough areas, giving a soft movement to the texture.

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In the shop window? There is Fermento, decorative finish from Made in Tuscany

Perfect for creating an accent wall full of style and personality, the Fermento decorative finish from the Made in Tuscany line is an excellent idea for the walls of a commercial space. For this inspiration, in particular, the finish was imagined inside a boutique. This thick effect, created with E-brezza, Viero Vel coloured paint, Silk pearlescent effects, and Ghibli quartz paint, immediately recalls the tradition of Made in Italy and embodies the values of elegance, high craftsmanship, and beauty that have always animated the Tuscan landscape and culture. The design idea of the vibrant Fermento texture draws inspiration from the fermentation phase of wine but becomes a metaphor for a productive, energetic, and positive mindset. Rich in tactile and chromatic details, this finish amazes with its chromatic power, touching the deepest shades of burgundy, garnet, and ruby, oscillating towards intense brown hues and purple accents.


Corduroy, for an enveloping wall

Another good solution for commercial spaces, and, in this case, for fashion showrooms, is the Corduroy decorative finish, made with Vieroplast easy-to-mould plaster. The result is a striped, matte, thick effect that creates a luxurious texture inspired by velvet: perfect for giving rooms a chic touch.


OLTRE, for seamless contemporary spaces

For a total look result, a decorative system to consider for commercial spaces is OLTRE, which allows you to renew both walls and floors, creating an elegant aesthetic continuity, free of grout lines and joints. OLTRE can also be applied over old ceramic tiles, thus allowing for space requalification without demolition and disposal costs. Perfect for areas exposed to water, condensation, steam, and humidity, OLTRE makes surfaces waterproof and is ideal for offices and commercial spaces because it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Aesthetically, OLTRE stands out for its ability to adapt to various styles, making it an excellent solution for both minimal spaces aligned with the latest contemporary trends and more classic ones, full of history.

con-tatto water based bacteriostatic wall enamel vierodecoratives

CON-TATTO, water-based enamel also suitable for offices and commercial spaces

To conclude this journey through some decorative finishes used in commercial spaces, we must mention the water-based enamel CON-TATTO. Why do we recommend it? Bacteriostatic, with a velvety finish, CON-TATTO is certified (HACCP, A+) and has excellent covering power. Additionally, it is odourless, resistant to frequent washing, and to bacterial proliferation thanks to the presence of silver ions.

Looking for other decorative paints for walls in commercial spaces?

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