OLTRE decorative system. Answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions


Do you have any questions or are simply curious to know more about OLTRE, the new decorative system by Viero Decoratives? Read this article and find all the answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions posed by installers, designers and architects. And if you still have any doubts, feel free to get in touch!

How many products are included in the OLTRE system?

OLTRE is a professional decorative system with four standard products, that is:

  • BASE, primer
  • BARRIER, waterproofing
  • STYLE, decorative finish
  • TOP 2K, protective finish

To understand how each of the products should be used, you can watch the video tutorial featuring our own experts. And, if you still need more information, request a copy of our Technical Manual.

Is it possible to give continuity to the decoration between floor and wall (wall to floor)?

Certainly! The OLTRE decorative system is formulated specifically for continuous wall-to-floor applications, creating a seamless, joint-free effect. An elegant solution that makes rooms appear larger, precisely due to the absence of visual interruptions. When it comes to application, it is important to consider using special tapes and gaskets to prevent the formation of cracks and fissures at the joints and where the materials change.

Can the OLTRE decorative system also be created on heated floors?

From the tests carried out, the OLTRE system expresses excellent performance in terms of heat transmission. No problems were detected on surfaces reaching up to 70°C, with either STYLE or TOP 2k.

Can I use OLTRE in very wet areas too, or in contact with water and vapours like saunas, shower enclosures, kitchens, spa areas, walls next to sinks or indoor pools?

Yes, OLTRE creates a barrier that waterproofs the surfaces, making it also suitable for these areas normally considered more “difficult”.

Can I apply OLTRE over existing tiles?

OLTRE can be applied to existing ceramic tiles, making it an excellent solution for renovations, avoiding demolition and disposal costs.

Are surfaces created with OLTRE very delicate and do they require a lot of maintenance?

OLTRE surfaces can be walked on, have excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance, and are formulated to withstand the action of common household cleaners and degreasers. Cleaning is easy and fast.

Can the OLTRE surface be removed over time? How?

Yes, over time, if you want to renew or change the look of a surface created using OLTRE, it can be simply overlaid with another product. To renew the protection, simply apply another coat of TOP 2K. To renew the decoration, apply one or two coats of STYLE and then two coats of TOP 2K.

Can the decorative finish be aesthetically customised?

You have a colour chart with 48 colours to choose from. These colours are all coordinated with our Marmorini colour chart, allowing you to mix and match the different shades and textures, coordinating the various rooms, vertical and horizontal surfaces. You can also opt for a Trowelled effect, i.e., textured and featuring chiaroscuro effects, and a Planed effect, with a distinctly smooth and even feel.

What type of furniture and interior design is best suited for applying the OLTRE system and its final effect?

OLTRE is ideal for a range of settings from residential to commercial, hospitality and wellness areas.  Spaces developed with OLTRE are extremely versatile. Their understated elegance makes them the perfect backdrop for modern and minimalist furnishings, but also for showcasing more classic and stylish furnishings, steeped in history. 

Ps: haven’t found the question you wanted to ask us yet?

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