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Inspirations. 5 decorative finishes for bedroom walls


Are you looking for decorative finishing for bedroom walls?  Check out the five inspirational settings in this article! We have selected five solutions for you to reproduce or, if you prefer, customise with your own choice of colours and applications. A bedroom should be cosy, instil a sense of calm and reflect the personality of the person who uses it. There are solutions for all tastes on these walls – from fine craftsmanship ideas that transform the vertical space of the wall into a true work of art – to the classic Marmorini, a timeless finish that injects extreme elegance and sophistication into rooms. From structured walls steeped in style like the ones inspired by our Made in Tuscany collection and other anti-bacterial solutions, which are also perfect for kid’s rooms.

Nativo, made with additives for decorative plasters.

Nativo, for a statement wall inspired by the forces of nature

Created using Marmorin Extra, Marmorin and Punti Luce products, the Nativo effect is a solution stemming from the inspirational Petra Apuana line from the Made in Tuscany collection. It is a light-filled, textured solution that is both elegant yet rough, conjuring up images of the Apuan Alps, showcasing marble reinterpreted in its natural, untreated state before being quarried and processed. A sort of geological landscape that brings a dynamic and harmonious effect to the walls, featuring colour combinations inspired by the brilliant white of Carrara marble, the grey shades of the rock, dazzling sunlight and the colours of the native plants that grow on the rock face.

Accent wall. Viero decoratives foliage d autore wall decorative effect details

Foliage D’Autore. The luxury of a work of art on the bedroom wall

A dreamy wall, ideal for creating an intimate and truly unique area in the bedroom. Foliage D’Autore is an authentic work of art showcased on the creative space of the wall. Created with E-brezza, Silk and Viero Vel, it features a soft, undulating, highly evocative finish, reminiscent of Tuscan hills and vineyards, one of the protagonists of the Bolgheri – Made in Tuscany line. But this decorative effect – that requires a high level of technical and manual expertise by the decorator – can be created with any type of pattern or natural representation, etc., based on the creativity of the designer and the customer’s requirements.


Like corduroy. A cosy bedroom wall

A warm, cosy effect that unleashes a whole visual series of mental concatenations. Created with the easy-to-shape Vieroplast decorative plaster, Corduroy produces an eye-catching pattern on the wall, reminiscent of soft ruched velvet fabric, featuring raised ribs and geometric weaves. An elegant finish that can be customised in various colours to create different patterns.

Hotel Santa Clara 1728, Marmorino

Absolute, natural and pure. Marmorino reigns supreme for dreamlike settings

A guarantee, a truly timeless classic. Marmorino is always a winning choice, perfect for bedrooms as well with its understated yet undoubtedly highly impactful visual finish. It is no surprise, therefore, that we have also chosen it for many hospitality facilities to welcome their guests, including, for example, the stunning Hotel Santa Clara 1728, with its calm, timeless atmosphere, designed by Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus. Marmorino has been created here using lime-based Marmorin Hydro chosen in soft colours. Hydro is also suitable for areas with running water and steam, proving to be a versatile solution resulting in a continuous, seamless flow into difficult areas such as the bathroom. Guaranteed relaxation with the Marmorino line.


Con-tatto, the all-round anti-bacterial solution

This is a water-based, bacteriostatic wall enamel with a velvety finish, certified (HACCP, A+). Con-tatto is popular because it is odourless, resistant to frequent washes and above all, contains silver ions to help combat the proliferation of bacteria…In short, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for decorating bedroom walls, even in kids’ room, as shown in the image. The colour range is also very stimulating from this point of view, with lots of creative solutions for calm settings filled with positive energy.

But there’s more. Find out about the entire Viero Decoratives collection

We have only told you about five solutions to give you inspiration and stimulate your creativity. But don’t just settle for that: you can find lots of other ideas by browsing the Viero Decoratives collection. And if you have any other queries or requests for information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help.


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