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Hygge: Viero Decoratives’ style to bring happiness into the home


Colour is happiness in hygge style

‘HYGGE’ is a word originally derived from Norwegian, but which has slowly gained importance in Denmark since the end of the 18th century. It describes, in a way that is impossible to translate with a single word, an attitude towards life that focuses on relaxation, on being together with friends and loved ones in particular. It’s about happiness in the tiny everyday things, knowing how to pamper yourself a little. In the home in particular, “hygge” is a style that emphasises simple details that are rich in emotion and warmth, and therefore all those decorative choices that make our living space cosy, welcoming and reassuring. In short, it is a lifestyle that contributes immensely to personal well-being and therefore to the happiness and better quality of life of everyone, and this is why it is becoming increasingly popular outside Denmark.

According to Viero Decoratives, hygge also means relaxing and sharing with the people we feel good with. Not only the right furnishings and accessories, but also and above, all the colours and shades we choose, especially on the walls, will help to create this harmony in our homes because we know that in an environment that corresponds to us, we will certainly live better.

So let’s take a look at some style tips for our walls, to create that atmosphere of comfortable intimacy that makes our rooms unique and more pleasant in everyday life. In short, it is knowing how to give ourselves an extra “cuddle”, like when it is cold outside and we huddle under a blanket, in front of the fireplace sipping a hot drink, and enjoying the family in front of a good film, or even just our favourite armchair reading a good book.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant palette of colours selected by Cromology Italia in collaboration with Francesco Zavattari in the new Gusto-2022 palette, Viero Decoratives proposes a new way of bringing happiness to our lives through the choice of colour and its various possible uses in the home, to recreate a purely hygge style. It helps us to associate the various areas of colours proposed with a particular sensation, a particular aspect of life: to surprise, to welcome, to breathe, to feel passionate… so many emotional aspects that colours can emphasise if it is used well: Hygge is therefore also using colours well to recover from daily stress and to be in harmony with oneself and with others again. So get inspired and choose the right colours and finishes to create the perfect atmosphere for you. Experiencing the ‘hygge’ feeling will then naturally follow.

Stress relief by decorating your home in hygge style

Hygge is warm, welcoming, soft, hygge is emotional, enveloping, reassuring, hygge is for everyone, to love each other, to welcome each other and to welcome: here are the proposals of Viero Decoratives to recreate your personal HYGGE atmosphere.

Chiaroscuri made with Erametal by Viero Decoratives.

The sophisticated tone-on-tone colour modulations make this a particularly valuable and scenic solution for the home. The application is characterised by a fine metallic appearance, the result of an interesting mix of selected metallic pigments. An ideal effect for designing vibrant atmospheres. The depth effect of the Chiaroscuro and the brightness of this finish give your home a precious and exclusive character: a home tailored made on you. These finishes combined with a modern or traditional furnishing style are able to make any environment unique and full of character. It is hygge because: it creates a home in which to be embraced and surprised.

Oxidised Rusten with Lithos + Rusten Finish evokes an atmosphere of vintage and industrial taste. A striking decoration inspired by the natural processes of iron oxidation and the particular colours of rust. It is an effective way to create an atmosphere linked to tradition that goes well with vintage or industrial furnishing styles, but also with rustic furnishings in which wood, stone and leather are the most suitable protagonists. It is hygge because: it makes the home a cosy and reassuring place with a very concrete and masculine touch.

Marmorino with Marmorin Sand, with its warm texture envelops the walls of the house, giving the rooms a very refined and at the same time natural look thanks to the very fine coloured sands combined with mineral products based on pure lime putty and marble dust. The result is a smooth, translucent surface, capable of creating balanced interiors where innovation blends perfectly with suspended, timeless atmospheres.

It is the ideal finish for any style, especially the more classic and elegant ones, or even for the minimalist style of Nordic inspiration, thanks to its essential texture. It is hygge because: it creates a home in which everyone recognises themselves.

Damascato made with Ghibli, recalls precious damask fabrics, creating rough and smooth areas on the surfaces. The natural quartz sands in the Ghibli paint give an enveloping and harmonious appearance, enhancing the surface with soft movements reminiscent of desert dunes or sea beaches. Its elegant opulence also lends sensuality to rooms with modern furniture or to representative rooms, such as in the office in the meeting room. It is hygge because: it gives rooms character and softness, so that the home caresses us every day.

Fossili made with travertine and chips , draws inspiration from the porous stone of travertine for an elegant result and a strong texture. Although it represents stone, a material that is apparently hard and cold, the light and warm tones soften the final effect, by neutralising the stone’s more rigid aspects. It is hygge because: it makes the home warm and reassuring with its concrete and material texture.

Wood made with Vieroplast and Decorative Bitumen, can give your home a warm, natural look by evoking the scratched appearance of tree bark. A special aged effect that favours the warm tones of precious woods such as teak. It is hygge because: it connects us to nature and its many forms.

Viero Decoratives: for a welcoming home to be shared and recognisable.


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