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Decorated walls. Discover four projects in Great Britain


Interior creatives use Viero Decoratives products to create decorated walls that nowadays are popular all over the world. Looking for inspiration? Discover a selection of four projects created by architects, designers, and expert decorators using our textured paints to create unique walls that tell a story and add an unmistakable touch to environments. Where are we starting from? The journey begins in Great Britain, for the discovery of four fascinating residences that turn the spotlight on decorated walls.

Decorated walls to dress two London interiors with style

Soft and enveloping atmosphere in the heart of London

Highly evocative textured walls signed Polidori Barbera, designed here to furnish the spaces of an elegant private home in the heart of London. The chosen effect is Corduroy, designed by the designer duo and characterized by an unmistakable style and strong personality. Matt and available in soft, warm, earthy tones, the walls made of Corduroy cover the rooms by enveloping them with, indeed, a corduroy effect, obtained by creating thick strips of alternating geometric shapes in relief, thanks to the use of the easy-to-mould Vieroplast plaster, ideal for creating customized decorative walls.

London. Textured walls signed Polidori Barbera

Tradition and metropolitan mood for a residence in Dalston

Walls that balance tradition and modernity for a residence in Dalston, a dynamic and lively neighbourhood in the East End of London which, in recent years, has attracted many artists, designers, stylists, and creatives. The decorative finish is Vixalit 500 Antica, created with Vixalit 500 lime-based mineral paint and characterized by a soft final chiaroscuro effect. The result is a reference to the historical effects of traditional Italian lime painting, but reinterpreted in a contemporary way and projected into a metropolitan dimension. It creates a striking textured covering in imitation concrete.

Residence in Dalston. Created with Vixalit 500

The elegance of Marmorino in a multi-award-winning residence in Gower

We move to the Gower Peninsula, the first area of the United Kingdom to be officially declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1956; an area famous for its large golden sandy beaches and walking paths along the coastline. Here stands ‘Silver House’, a multi-award-winning architecture which features a refined Marmorino finish by Viero Decoratives. Applied by master decorator Gary Jarvis in five bathrooms and in various external parts of the building, the Marmorino-effect walls were created using Marmorin Hydro in the MM47 colour; a product based on genuine slaked lime chosen and appreciated for its water-repellent properties.

The naturalness of Marmorino for holidays in the Highlands

To conclude our journey of discovery of some British residences characterized by walls decorated using our Viero Decoratives products, we finally venture into the greenery of the Scottish Highlands. In the beautiful holiday home Kyle House, the walls are covered with Marmorin Hydro in the MM11 colour to give them a natural look, integrating with the rest of the furnishings and the surrounding landscape. Indeed, thanks to its high resilience, the lime plaster proved so versatile that it was used throughout the property, including the bathroom areas.

The beautiful holiday home Kyle House

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