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3 international projects with Hydro, lime-based marmorino


Lime-based marmorino – a plaster covering for walls that imitates the texture of marble – is a highly prestigious finish, particularly appreciated for its elegant look and the historical value it represents, being known since Roman times.

In this new article, we focus on a specific product from our line dedicated to Marmorini, Marmorin Hydro, intended for both interior and exterior use.

Its peculiarity? In addition to being a smooth marmorino made of genuine lime and marble dust, it contains special hydrophobic additives that give the product high water-repellent properties, to create compact, homogeneous, and breathable walls, available in many colours.

This finish with a matt marbled effect, characterized by chiaroscuro and particularly suitable for thick decoration works, has a high permeability to water vapor and a natural anti-mould action.

This makes it applicable to various settings, even the most difficult ones such as water-prone environments, like bathrooms, spas, wellness areas, or kitchens.

Let’s see together how Marmorin Hydro was used by interior and exterior designers within three different international projects.

Santa Clara 1728 Hotel

The Santa Clara Hotel in Lisbon, designed by Manuel Aires Mateus

Marmorin Hydro was chosen to decorate some walls of the Santa Clara 1728 Hotel, a luxurious hotel located in a splendid 18th-century building, in the beating heart of Lisbon. It is a refined project by Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus, who harmoniously combined respect for the original heritage with the purity of the architect’s vision. The result is timeless, serene, and dreamy spaces, designed by a linear and minimalist architecture made warm and vibrant by the use of selected pieces and precious materials, capable of telling a story.

Private home in Prague, Czech Republic

Aesthetic continuity even in bathrooms thanks to Hydro, lime-based marmorino

Even in an elegant private home in Prague, Czech Republic, Marmorin Hydro was chosen as a suitable solution to create visual continuity with other environments. The walls were painted with the enveloping tones of beige, covering even the most difficult areas of the shower, thanks to the product’s water-repellent properties. The result is a warm and refined space.

Mori Sushi

Marmorin Hydro and feng shui inspirations for Mori Sushi in Dubai

In the lively centre of Downtown Dubai, even Mori Sushi – with its internal spaces inspired by the ancient philosophical idea of feng shui – has Marmorin Hydro on its walls, chosen as the ideal aesthetic solution for its smooth translucent effect and water-repellent properties. The lights showcase the characteristic chiaroscuro of this plaster, applied here in shades of grey.

Mori Sushi

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