2 fairs in China with our partner VeryLux. Francesco Zavattari designs the stands


There are two important dates in Viero Decoratives’ calendar in China in March. We will be participating in two fairs with VeryLux, our official distributor for the Chinese market.

The CBD Fair Shanghai (International Building and Construction Trade Fair) will take place from 13 to 16 March 2024 – a major commercial stage for exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

From 20 to 22 March 2024, Viero Decoratives’ products will then relocate to Beijing for the 35th edition of the China (Beijing) International WallCoverings & Home Furnishing Exhibition.

Our stand will be designed by our long-standing partner, the art designer ‌Francesco Zavattari. Zavattari, who was born in Lucca in 1983, has focused his research, above all, on colours, mixed with his keen interest in photography and public and private design installations in Italy and abroad. We got in touch with him to get an insight into the concept, that he will be using to animate the stands, ahead of the Chinese trades shows.

Francesco Zavattari

Hi, Francesco. Can you tell us how and when you got involved in this project with VeryLux, Viero Decoratives’ official distributor in China?

The collaboration stemmed from my partnership with Cromology and with Viero, in particular, at the end of 2019. It started with a series of ‘remote’ design, image and colour consultancy projects due to the pandemic and culminated in face-to-face meetings from last year.

What will the Chinese experience entail this year? When, where and how will you be involved? 

I’ll be in China from 11 to 22 March. I have been asked to attend again this year to talk about my collaboration with Cromology on the development of the ‘Cromology Emotion of the Year’, the key communication project for our partner, VeryLux. I will have the opportunity to speak at two different conferences in Shanghai and Beijing as well as meet with numerous VeryLux resellers between the two venues. In addition, I also had the pleasure, once again, of designing two large stands, measuring over 200 m2, for the Shanghai and Beijing events.

A stand at the fair in China during a past edition

You have already been part of previous editions. Could you briefly tell us about these past projects and tell us which elements will be continued or debuted in 2024? 

That’s right. I have, in fact, already designed numerous trade fair stands for VeryLux. The first one in 2020 was called “Get In” and specifically invited visitors to enter not only the physical space but also embrace the overall style and colour concept that I created for the Chinese market with Cromology and its brands. These themes were carried over to all the later projects including the one for this year.

What was your main source of inspiration in creating the aesthetic for the stands at the 2024 fairs?

I can’t reveal much about this year’s stands but I think that they will highlight another major step along the path we have undertaken with our Chinese partners.

What key elements did you focus on from a visual and communication point of view?

What I can tell you is that the elements behind this year’s idea for both the Shanghai and Beijing stands are based on the Italian essence of the brands that I have the honour of showcasing in China. Our concept of ‘home’ is one of an attractive and welcoming space that makes visitors feel ‘at home’ through the choice of the colour palettes and materials used.

What challenges did you come up against in completing this project? Fairs are always a challenging environment for designers… How did you approach the Chinese context?

I began designing all types of exhibition stands from 2008 and, from the very start, this experience gave me an insight into the different flows and ways that the public use these spaces. It was really important, in particular, to be in China in person as one of the main elements of the stand after so many remote projects. Last year, I met and talked to lots of people on the stand over multiple sessions, signing cards and taking photos. This allowed me to get a better understanding of the dynamics which I have tried to incorporate into the 2024 projects.

How did you strike a balance with the functionality of the stand based on visitors’ experiences and the company’s marketing goals?

In my design concept, visual appeal always has to be balanced with functionality and visitors’ use, otherwise it would just be an exercise in style. Designing exhibition stands, like everything I create for the Chinese market, is aimed at targeting people in a more direct and engaging manner. This year, in particular, as I mentioned, the ‘home’ is the cornerstone of my work. It’s a concept of home where the walls become a natural showcase for Viero’s products, ‘reaching’ people by inspiring them rather than through advertising and demonstrations. An invitation to make yourself at home in the spaces that I have designed using Cromology’s products.

What materials and colours did you choose to showcase Viero Decoratives’s products?

From a colour point of view, the obvious choice was to give a leading role to “H-24”, the New Cromology Emotion. But then, I also developed a specific colour using a mixture of teal and dark green to dialogue with the various shades of H-24 imbued with the intense, vibrant and textured decorative effects that I love so much in Viero Decoratives’ product range.

What three adjectives would you use to best describe this project?

Welcoming, thought-provoking and eye-catching.

Remember that if you can’t go to China in person, you can still follow the event on Viero Decoratives’ Facebook and Instagram accounts. Stay tuned!


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