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OLTRE, the new application cycle for seamless floors and walls


It is one of the most anticipated new products from the 2024 Viero Decoratives catalogue. OLTRE is the brand-new application cycle that allows spatial designers to design environments without interruptions to the eye, creating continuity between vertical and horizontal surfaces, eliminating elements like joints, skirting boards, and junctures from view.

An extremely high-performance technical and aesthetic solution that combines elegance and practicality, durability and refinement, fitting seamlessly with its linearity into any interior design style, from highly refined to minimalist.

Indeed, OLTRE effortlessly finds application in all kinds of contexts, from residential to workspaces requiring practicality and easy maintenance, from commercial spaces to hospitality structures, but also wellness areas, which need to be resistant, beautiful, and comfortable at the same time. And that’s not all: OLTRE is a versatile and contemporary solution for customizing your stairs as well..

With OLTRE a continuity effect between wall and floor.

OLTRE. Visual harmony also comes from colour

To enhance the harmonious, clean, and minimalist effect that forms OLTRE’s aesthetic choice, we have created a palette of 48 colours in chromatic continuity with the Marmorini collection. This allows you to play with the various wall colours, creating connections not only between different functional spaces, but also between different materials, playing for example with continuity or tone-on-tone.

Furthermore, we have developed two different decorative effects to allow you to customize spaces even in terms of texture:

  • a rough, grainy effect interspersed with chiaroscuros that we called FRATTAZZATO
  • another smoother and more uniform one you can find under the name LAMATO.
A palette in continuity with the Marmorini line

Ideal for a quick makeover without renovation expenses

One of OLTRE’s many positive aspects is also that it allows you to renovate surfaces without resorting to demolition and disposal expenses. OLTRE can indeed be directly applied to pre-existing tiles and supports, changing the look of rooms in just a few quick steps, without sacrificing durability and ease of cleaning. A truly fast and efficient solution, taking up only a few millimetres in thickness and adapting well even to humid areas or areas covered by water, such as shower enclosures, pools, bathrooms, kitchens, wellness areas, etc. Not even radiant floors pose a problem, as OLTRE easily adapts to them. The result is waterproof, renovated, linear spaces that are easy to manage and appear more spacious due to an optical effect produced by the elimination of joints and aesthetic interruptions.

What is the composition of the application cycle for floors and walls?

The application cycle for floors and walls consists of just four products to renovate spaces and create environments with a contemporary and enveloping mood, in three dimensions.

  • Base, the primer
  • Barrier, for waterproofing
  • Style, the decorative finishing coat to customize the aesthetic effect
  • Top 2K, to protect with a durable, cleanable, and walkable finish.
top2k protective finish vierodecoratives

One of the four products that are part of the OLTRE application cycle

Want to learn more?

Want to know how the application cycle works? Watch the tutorial video created with the help of our technicians and Master Decorators to understand step by step all the processes.

And if you still have any questions, contact us. Our customer service is always by your side to improve your knowledge of our products and to support you in the realization of your project.


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