Viero Decoratives
The Italian Experience

Charm, emotion and elegance of Made in Italy wall decoration.

A dynamic and cosmopolitan spirit in dialogue with traditional Italian know-how interprets an ancient art with an elegant and passionate style that is decidedly modern.


The brand was born to bring together multiple trends into a single synthesis.

From one side, the desire of offering creative designers a concept of innovative decoration able to develop innovative solutions; on the other hand the idea of drawing upon the past to preserve the raw materials value and the attention to details that made “Made in Italy” synonymous of excellence and quality throughout the world.

A dynamic and cosmopolitan soul connected with the Italian traditional know-how.
An ancient art, with an elegant, passionate, and contemporary style.

Each collection is the result of a research that extends beyond the laboratory and explores the world of design, architecture, art and craftsmanship. To achieve harmony and functionality, sustainability, and comfort.

Each collection is generated by the artistic artisan Italian tradition. Inspired by genuine raw materials, such as Carrara marble powder or Etruscan noble metals. Art, culture, history.

Every single component of Viero collections spreads fragments of Italy over the world, each one containing Tuscany passion and creativity. Over time, Viero becomes a source of inspiration for space creatives, conceiving the wall as an essential architectural element. Thus, the surface becomes the blank canvas to tell an intriguing contemporary tale, with no limits of color, texture, and thickness.

Viero light and creative essence runs through every finish like a subtle fil rouge, to experience unexpected aesthetics paths and evocative mental connections. A unique style, aiming to thrill. Beyond the wall, it becomes a lifestyle.

VIERO, The Company

The history of Viero is dated back in the Italian artisan tradition, when Viero family is dedicated to the production of adhesives for tiles (Milan, 1967). The intent to move forward is promptly realized, and in 1975 Viero conquers foreign markets with exteriors decorative renders. In 1984, Viero strengthens its role and launches a range of decorative products focused on interior design and becomes an international point of reference for Made in Italy style, charm, and elegance.

Viero chooses to maintain the values of Italian craftsmanship, in which attention to details, passion and choice of selected raw materials are the main factors, to deliver excellence across the world.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Viero goes through a deep renovation and joins important partnerships in the world of design and architecture.

 In 2012, Viero wins the “Design & Design” international award for Brand Identity. A consequence of the long experience in wall decoration is Viero Academy, a training program for international professional applicators.

Between art and craft, they can discover endless solutions and, like in a bottega d’arte (art workshop), each creation becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. In 2017, Viero turns 50 and celebrates with “Viero 50 years” contest, gathering artists from all over the world.

The latest challenge is to allow the social networks community to enjoy its vision through the digital world, refreshing its look and offering new methods of approach to the art of wall decoration.