Petra Apuana - Decorative finishes

A precious stone which has inspired the creation of imposing architecture, immortal monuments, eternal works; a unique material in the veins and nuances of which flows the history of a region, its peoples, and its traditions.

From these influences comes PETRA APUANA, the new inspiration line from the “Made in Tuscany” collection which showcases original decorations and a refined design, featuring a subtle, narrative mood. The memory of a Tuscan journey on the creative space of a wall.


Originating from a vision of marble in its natural setting is the “Nativo” decorative idea, which evokes atmospheres of a marble surface in its raw state, before the intervention of Man

Nativo, made with additives for decorative plasters.
lichene effect petra apuana


A textured covering inspired by the irregular forms of mosses, lichens, and pioneer plants that colonise the most inaccessible peaks and precipitous slopes of mountains, creating a living mantle


Synthetic symbols, geometric forms, clear, transversal lines which intersect. This three-dimensional texture, with a strongly contemporary feel, leaves a star motif on the white surface, similar to a blank slate.

bianco marina effect petra apuana


This decorative covering, which reinterprets the typical grey colouring of marble stone, enriching it with evocative shades of pale green, takes its cue from the sober aesthetics of bardiglio.


A fresh and contemporary reinterpretation of the exquisite details found in ancient palaces, sacred buildings, monumental public squares.


The captivating feel of the past reinterpreted with a contemporary look. Inspired by the timeless, decorative richness of the friezes found in the rose windows of churches, in fine palaces, and in old, Tuscan houses.