Bolgheri - Decorative finishes

Bolgheri is the new inspiration line of the “Made in Tuscany” collection. A selection of five exclusive decorations with an original design – Podere, Corteccia, Fermento, Barricaia, Foliage D’Autore – designed to reinterpret the unforgettable experience of a journey through the hills of the upper Livorno Maremma on the creative space of the walls.

The result is evocative finishes with an openly narrative mood; a stimulating concentrate of images, flavours, emotions and scents at the service of international designers and architects, always looking for original solutions for the aesthetics of spaces.


The dusty tones of the ochre nuances, the deliberately irregular surface, the uniqueness of the cracks and the refined aesthetics keep intact the soul of a clayey soil warmed by the sun and mitigated by the sea breeze, able to shape flavours and memories.
podere effect bolgheri decorative collection


Characterized by tormented longitudinal furrows and sophisticated material effects created with a spatula, this finish is inspired by the texture of the protective bark that covers the stem of the vine.


This textured covering, inspired by the wine fermentation phase, defines spaces and creates a blurred effect on the wall.
fermento effect bolgheri decorative collection
barricaia effect bolgheri decorative collection


The key of this design is the decorative effect inspired by the image of oak barrels in which the wine is left to mature for months, so that it can unleash its full potential


The wall is transformed into a canvas thanks to this evocative finish, conceived as a precious piece of artistic craftsmanship.