FERMENTO | Made with E-brezza + Viero Vel + Silk and Ghibli

Chromatic symphonies for an evocative design. This textured covering, inspired by the wine fermentation phase, defines spaces and creates a blurred effect on the wall. The vibrant mixture, rich in tactile and chromatic details, touches the deepest shades of burgundy red, garnet and ruby, swinging towards intense shades of brown and violet accents. Perfect for classic environments, it is also an ideal solution for designing contemporary and cosmopolitan nooks, in tune with the most current indoor trends.

Fermento decorative effect is the result achieved by combining the action of the E-Brezza fibre-reinforced acrylic mortar, the Viero Vel coloured glaze, the delicate soft iridescent effects of Silk, the Ghibli matt material quartz paint with its grainy effect and, finally, the Scaglie natural mineral additive for a pearly sheen.

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