FLOOR SYSTEM - Seamless decorative wall and floor system

OLTRE is a joint-free, seamless floor and wall decorative system that creates a harmonious sense of visual continuity in the spaces where it is applied.

With just a few millimetres of product, it gives tiled surfaces a fresh look without the need for any demolition, and with rapid turnaround times.

Waterproof and resilient vertical and
horizontal surfaces

OLTRE is a practical and versatile solution that injects new life into contemporary-style settings and can be adapted to various situations: bathrooms, the kitchen, living area and stairs, as well as indoor swimming pools or areas affected by water, condensation, steam and humidity such as spas and shower enclosures.

OLTRE effectively waterproofs surfaces, offering excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance.


Functionality and design in a single solution

OLTRE perfectly satisfies the technological, performance and design needs of architects and engineers, and can be used in a wide range of contexts:

It offers an elegant finish for any type of style, from minimalist and trending spaces to more classic and history-rich designs, where it plays a more discreet and modest role.

The absence of grouting and joints contributes to the optical illusion of larger spaces, creating environments with spacious appeal.

Colours and effects of the OLTRE decorative system

In line with the latest architectural and interior design trends, OLTRE is available in a variety of aesthetic solutions allowing each room to be personalised in accordance with specific design requirements.

TROWELLED with a rough, granular texture scattered with subtle chiaroscuro effects.

POLISHED with a smooth, compact, uniform effect

A colour chart complete with 48 colours coordinated with the Marmorini finishes ensures perfect colour matches even across different surfaces and rooms. Two decorative effects using different application techniques.

Four products, zero grouting and joints

OLTRE is a professional decorative system designed for the application on vertical and horizontal surfaces of four products to create grout-free, joint-free, seamless spaces.

Why you should choose OLTRE

Watch the video tutorial and, together with our Viero Decoratives installers,
see how easy it is to apply the OLTRE decorative system.

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