FOLIAGE D’AUTORE | Made with E-brezza + Silk and Viero Vel

The visionary charm of a cultivated jungle. The wall is transformed into a canvas thanks to this evocative finish, conceived as a precious piece of artistic craftsmanship. Drawn freehand with a spatula and brush, the protagonist is a bespoke foliage inspired by the sinuous and enveloping shapes of the vine leaves in the sun; the same ones that can be admired while walking through one of the many vineyards in the Bolgheri landscape. An example of how Viero Decoratives products can support wall designers in the original interpretation of spaces and in the creation of personal and unique works, whose only limit is creativity.

Foliage d’autore wall decorative effect is the result achieved by combining the action of E-Brezza fibre-reinforced acrylic mortar, a Viero Vel coloured glaze and, finally, Silk to give a soft and silky effect.

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