BARRICAIA | Made with Ghibli + Vieroplast and Viero Vel

Silent atmospheres, to take your time. The key of this design is the decorative effect inspired by the image of oak barrels in which the wine is left to mature for months, so that it can unleash its full potential. The inspiration is distinguished by the skilful mix of chromatic nuances and poetry, luminous accents and toneon-tone veining, to reinterpret the imprint of red wine in the barrique in an abstract key. The result is a versatile covering wall decorative effect, with a relaxed and meditative taste, designed to integrate harmoniously with any design.

Barricaia wall decorative effect is achieved by combining the action of the Viero Vel coloured glaze, the Ghibli quartz paint with sand effect and Vieroplast, an extremely versatile low-thickness mouldable mortar, ideal for creating the texture of wood.

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