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Colour trends for 2022: get inspired with Viero decoratives


Colour has a great impact on our emotions and is the starting point of inspiration for new designs, styles and trends. The most popular wall colour paint predicted for next year will feature the dense, earthy colours of nature. Colour trends for 2022: find your inspiration with Viero Paints.

Colour trends for 2022: Chiaroscuri by Viero Paints

The colours that recall nature will be the home trends and colour pallets for 2022. Elegant, tone-on-tone colour modulations make Chiaroscuri by Viero Paints an especially precious and theatrical solution. Its application with ERAMETAL enamel features a fine metallised appearance, the result of an interesting mix of selected metallic pigments. A surprisingly beautiful effect for designing an atmosphere that is both modern and cosmopolitan. Chiaroscuri by Viero Paints evokes a feeling of wellness, relaxation and sophisticated elegance.

Colour trends for 2022: Wood by Viero Paints

Wood made with Vieroplast and Bitume Decorativo provides a warm and natural charm to 2022 homes. This decorative finish takes inspiration from relaxing Nordic atmospheres. The scratched weft and the shades of teak, wenge and iroko wood evoke the calming look of tree barks. The application of VIEROPLAST plaster suggests a ridging and delicately aged effect, achieved by applying a wet paste containing decorative bitumen.

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Colour trends for 2022: Stucco Veneziano and Clevsin by Viero Paints

Stucco Veneziano made with Mithos Lux is a decorative finish that belongs to the family of classic Venetian plasters. This gold-yellow spatula effect is predicted to be a top trend colour in 2022 homes. Made with a lime-based solution inspired by tradition called MITHOS LUX, it creates a shiny finish with a marbled effect, which looks naturally three-dimensional and is highly aesthetic.

CLEVSIN made with Vieroplast, Erametal and Allure evokes ancient Roman splendour, with its micro granules of gold that give shape to refined and elegant jewels. This decorative finish is an artistic expression that inspires precious patterns achievable with VIEROPLAST, ERAMETAL and ALLURE. It’s a three-dimensional effect that gives a sense of depth and warmth to interiors.

Colour trends for 2022: Viero Paints neutral finishes

TRAVERTINO made with Travertine is a fine, elegant finish that draws inspiration from travertine marble, reproducing the same monumental texture with the warm stone colours in use since ancient Roman times. Its application with TRAVERTINE lime plaster lends itself to both classic and contemporary solutions, providing in either case a natural and evocative result.

MARMORINO made with Marmorin Extra is inspired by the fineness of the marble and created with mineral products based on pure lime putty and marble dust. This decorative finish made with MARMORIN EXTRA makes tiny craters and creates a textured look, with translucent smooth surfaces and exposed grain.

VATLUNA made with Vierplast and Erametal is a decorative finish that draws inspiration from the processing of silver and the ancient tradition of Etruscan metalworking, delivering a modern vision in which the chiaroscuro of metal is easily reproduced with a combination of VIEROPLAST and ERAMETAL.


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