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The timeless decorative art of Fregio d’Arte


Decoration with friezes is an ancient art that has accompanied humanity since ancient times. It is a decorative technique that involves the application of ornamental motifs on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces, using materials such as plaster, stucco, or clay. Fregio d’Arte by Viero is a decorative effect that draws inspiration from this ancient Italian tradition, reinterpreting it in a contemporary way.

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Fregio d’Arte, decorating by renewing the past

Fregio d’Arte is an innovative way specifically developed to meet the needs of the most demanding interior designers, architects, and decorators who seek to create unique and refined environments.

Its secret is to have taken inspiration from the timeless decorative richness of friezes and decorations found in the rosettes of churches, noble palaces, and ancient Tuscan houses.

Thanks to its versatility, this technique is able to stimulate the creation of infinite creative possibilities, giving life to environments with timeless charm.

Perfect in formal contexts, in many cases it is the ideal solution for the renovation of historical buildings. It is perfect for meeting rooms, representative offices, and event locations that in some way reflect the beauty of the past.

The main features of Fregio d’Arte

But what are the main features of Fregio d’Arte by Viero? Thanks to the materials used, which are naturally very resistant and durable, but also capable of offering great dimensional stability, Fregio d’Arte is easy to obtain and can be applied to any surface. It is an extremely versatile technique that can stimulate creativity.

The true strength of Fregio d’Arte by Viero lies in its ability to inspire the creation of original and refined environments with an Italian touch. Thanks to its extreme versatility, it blends perfectly with all styles, from the most classic and traditional to the most modern and contemporary solutions.

With its innovative solutions, Fregio d’Arte by Viero is able to faithfully reproduce the textures and shapes of traditional friezes and decorations, creating a visually striking effect. By employing a wide variety of colors and finishes, it is a technique that can be used to create three-dimensional effects and play with light and shadows, making every environment unique and original.

In summary, Fregio d’Arte by Viero is able to infuse a great artistic and decorative value wherever it is applied, drawing inspiration from the ancient tradition of decoration with friezes and reinterpreting it in a contemporary way. Thanks to its extreme versatility and its ability to stimulate the creation of infinite creative possibilities, it represents the ideal choice for those who seek to create original environments with a subtle Italian refinement, capable of conveying a timeless atmosphere.


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