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Venetian plaster in restaurants and bars. The modern appeal of a finish steeped in history


Venetian plaster is an antique and sophisticated finish that simulates the effect of marble. It is developed by applying layers of plaster with a trowel, creating a relief effect on a smooth surface. It’s a classic choice for wall decoration, often selected by architects, designers and decorators looking to create spaces that celebrate the tradition of Made in Italy while seamlessly blending an international flair into a contemporary and cosmopolitan aesthetic. In this article, we explore three distinct variations of Venetian plaster, each showcased in different locations across the globe: China, UK, USA.

Perth Theatre in Scotland. Venetian plaster is created using Lithos.

Gloss-effect Venetian plaster for Perth Theatre in Scotland

In a buzzing, intellectual setting like the Perth Theatre in Scotland, a dramatic, bold and striking entrance and staircase were essential. Our UK partners brought this vision to life using Lithos in striking blue and red tones, creating a finish with an exceptionally contemporary, glossy and dynamic look. This environment is also a stimulating place to enjoy a drink at the table while waiting for the show to start. Moreover, the finish is abrasion-resistant and washable.

Xiashidal Restaurant In China, The walls are adorned with classic Venetian plaster in shades of blue

Venetian plaster in the restaurant, for a vintage, intellectual atmosphere

At Xiashidal Restaurant In Jingde Town, in the southern province of China, the walls are adorned with classic Venetian plaster in shades of blue. The glossy and vibrant walls, in harmony with the décor, contribute to architect GaoBo Zouwei’s vision of crafting an intimate and refined atmosphere with a vintage allure. Here, the use of Lithos, a lime-based product, reinterprets and modernises traditional Venetian plaster, seamlessly adapting to various environments such as hotels, offices, shops, exhibition halls, and living rooms. With the right preparation, it can also be applied to various interior substrates including cement plaster, plasterboard and prefabricated wood panels…

A traditional Venetian plaster for the walls of Starbucks Chicago

Nestled between the Chicago River and Millennium Park, the Starbucks coffee shop was decorated with lime-based products by Viero Decoratives. In this instance, the black wall was created using Mithos Lux, a thin-layered finishing plaster made with genuine lime putty, natural earth colours, finely ground marble dust and other selected additives. What’s the result? A visually striking aesthetic effect, complemented by the microporous structure of Mithos Lux, which ensures exceptional vapour permeability, making it ideal for bars and restaurants too.

Chicago. The black walls are reated using Mithos Lux.

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