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Like an atelier. The new Viero Decoratives showroom in Hungary


Last January, the very first Viero Decoratives showroom was inaugurated in Budapest, entirely designed following the guidelines of our new ‘Viero Atelier’ concept, created by the Viero Decoratives team to elevate the idea of store to a place of exchange, design, dialogue, inspiration, and creativity.

‘Through the development of the Viero Atelier project,’ said Elena Rosellini, Export Marketing Manager, ‘we wanted to pay true tribute to the art workshops of times past, to artists’ ateliers, to design studios… Places where expressive languages fuel creativity in a continuous dialogue between imagination and rationality. So, for our new showroom concept, we drew inspiration from these worlds and envisioned a vibrant environment, where hands, design, and emotions can work together, blending and complementing each other, generating new decorative and stylistic design solutions through colours, materials, and furnishings inspired by interior design and Italian style.’

Word to our partners

We also asked for an opinion from the directly involved, who have been intensely experiencing the opening of the new showroom for a few weeks now. ‘This year,’ said the team from Coverart design burkolatok, with general director Udvardi Róbert, ‘we opened our headquarters in Budapest following the concept of Viero Decoratives. One of our main interests is indeed Italian decorative paints and their materials. From the Viero Decoratives team, we received a very interesting showroom concept, very well developed for every corner of our showroom, which was of great help to us. We are very grateful to the Viero team for all the help we received. The design and colours of the new showroom have also been well-received by everyone so far. We receive very positive feedback, especially regarding the possibility of seeing the decorative effects in person. In particular, some of the most popular products are always Allure – with which our partners have managed to create truly unique surfaces – and the Marmorini product line, which can also be used to create many beautiful surfaces. But other ones are popular too, like Travertino, Mithos, Lithos…’

See-and-touch philosophy for the Viero Atelier concept

After all, we know well how important it is for designers, architects, and customers to be able to see and touch the product before choosing it. This is why the new concept includes a wide, linear, and elegant display wall composed of 30×30 panels resting on thin shelves equipped with LED strips and supports to accommodate a large archive of decorative samples.

A place with clean and sharp lines where to find inspiration, get advice on a project, a material, or technical details. A meeting space to welcome designers, decorators, customers, and decide together the best solutions for interior or exterior design.

A sophisticated palette in the name of Verde Viero

Finally, the colour palette that characterizes the new Viero Atelier concept deserves special attention. The chosen chromatic range, with elegant and delicate tones, instils calm, balance, and serenity. The dominant colour is Verde Viero, a delicate and powdery shade of green containing a percentage of grey, capable of generating genuine satisfaction to our eye, just as Goethe claimed.

The green on walls and ceiling becomes a backdrop and highlights the decorative samples on display, as well as serving as a strong reference to nature and a tribute to sustainability.

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