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Elegan outdoor spaces with Viero decorative finishes


Your outdoor space should reflect the style of your indoor living environment. Viero Paints has a wide range of elegant and trendy finishes for decorating your outdoor spaces. Let’s take a look at some of its most interesting solutions!

Elegant outdoors with Viero Paints

CERAMIZZATO made with Ceramitz is the perfect finish for walls both inside and outside the home. It resembles the fine sands of coloured quartz, reproducing a matt and natural effect of stone and delivering a sense of freshness and refinement to every setting.

CONCRETE S made with VXF and Vixalit 500 is a lime-based finish for outdoor spaces. Particularly suited for environments characterised by an urban, industrial style. This textured finish draws inspiration from the appearance of concrete used in architecture. Its application with VXF lime plaster and the skilful alternation of rough and smooth surfaces with VIXALIT 500 lime paint create dynamic and original interiors.

GRANIGLIATO made with GRANIPLAST is a water-repellent decorative finish featuring tiny Italian marble fragments, available in two different grain sizes, fine and medium. The particles in GRANIPLAST feature subtle variations of colour created by the streaks in the marble.

MARMORINO made with Marmorin Extra is a lime-based finish that draws inspiration from the finesse of marble. This decorative effect is characterised by tiny craters and a textured appearance with shiny, translucent surfaces and exposed grain.

MARMORINO made with Marmorin Hydro is a water-repellent finish. It enhances walls with an opaque and compact effect inspired by the finesse of marble that is both elegant and sophisticated, as it is created with mineral products based on pure lime putty and marble dust. As for MARMORINO HYDRO, if combined with the protective AQUA BASE and AQUA PROTECTION cycle, it can also be applied to walls in spaces where there is running water, enabling aesthetic continuity across all environments and a diffused feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

MARMORINO made with Marmorin Sand enhances the walls both indoors and outdoors with a refined appearance thanks to the presence of very fine coloured sands mixed with mineral productions based on pure lime and marble dust. The resulting surfaces are smooth and translucent.

MOON CRATERS made with VXF and Vixalit 500 is perfect for creating crater-like walls resembling the lunar surface. The alternation of textured areas, achieved with VXF lime plaster, and smooth areas, made with VIXALIT 500 lime, creates an amazing effect capable of embellishing elegant and minimalist outdoor spaces.

RETE  made with E-Brezza and Viero Vel is water-repellent and brings to mind the intertwining of tree branches. A decorative finish for a natural and soothing effect.

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TRAVERTINO made with Travertine lime-based plaster creates a particularly elegant effect. It draws inspiration from travertine marble, reproducing the colour palette of ancient stone slabs. Its application with TRAVERTINE lime plaster is perfect for creating classic yet contemporary surfaces that look natural.

VELATURA made with Viero Vel creates a fascinating connection between the base colour and the subtle layer of surface colour. It is a true decoration classic, suited for elegant and refined environments, on either smooth or rough surfaces, using different tools. The proposed solution with the VIERO VEL matt finish is done on a smooth coloured MULTIQUARTZ base surface, allowing to achieve different colours and ensuring high protection.

VIXALIT 500 ANTICA made with Vixalit 500 gives walls a rustic appearance. The proposed hues are the typical colours of Italian lime-based paints.


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