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In each room, the most suitable color


The right color can make a big difference in the appearance and atmosphere of a room. Choosing colors for the different rooms of the house can be a challenging task, but at the same time, fun and rich in creativity, if you know what you are looking for. Colors are essential to create harmony between style, function, and furnishings of each room.

The kitchen is the heart of the house

The kitchen is the true hub of a house, around which families move, and where they gather together to enjoy a meal. It’s where we have fun, experiment, play, and above all, eat, with everything this implies and means. So, we must not neglect its appearance, and a cheerful kitchen is for a family that has fun, but the right colors are needed. Those that can help to create the right atmosphere and feeling. Start with warm and inviting colors such as orange and yellow, or red, which help to create a welcoming atmosphere and stimulate the appetite. A sense of special depth and warmth thanks to a three-dimensional effect and the use of golden micro-granules is provided by Viero’s paint, Allure. But you cannot exclude colors from the acidic shades in relation to the dominant tone of the furniture and various appliances. For a touch of elegance, lighter shades such as white or beige can be chosen, but in this case, the different elements present should not be neglected and should establish a dialogue with the walls and their colors.

The living room for friends and relaxation

For the living room, more relaxing colors can be chosen, such as green, blue, or gray. These colors help to create a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and are ideal for a welcoming environment in which to socialize with friends and family, where you can read a good book in peace or watch a movie or a game together. In choosing the colors here, it is essential to try to bring together the many souls that this environment can express: a tone of refined elegance can be obtained with Viero’s decorative paint Erametal, which is enriched with pigments capable of giving a metallic effect. It is not uncommon for the living room to quickly turn into a cinema room where everyone watches a series on streaming or into an arena where cheering for a team knows no limits. Therefore, the colors chosen must be able to blend with an environment that is often very heterogeneous.

The intimacy of the bedroom and the bathroom

So we enter the realm of intimacy, the most private areas of a house: the bedroom and the bathroom. For the bedroom, the most suitable colors are those that are more calming and soothing, such as purple, blue, and green. These colors help to create a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, and are ideal for an environment where one can rest and regenerate. The color chosen for such a delicate environment should not be neglected, as colors can positively influence the quality of our sleep, and it is always better to choose those that are more suitable for relaxation and tranquility. If one wants to pursue a classic taste capable of interacting with current trends, one can think of the decorative plaster from Viero, E-Brezza, which gives the walls a fascinating material effect.

The bathroom also deserves a lot of attention. It is perhaps the place where we are most vulnerable and feel defenseless, but where we want to feel good, protected, and welcomed. For the bathroom, the most suitable colors are fresh and refreshing, such as blue, green, and white. These are all shades that help to create a lighter and cleaner atmosphere, and are ideal for an environment where one takes care of their hygiene and well-being. If one wants to capture a sense of refinement and elegance in the bathroom, they can choose to apply Marmorin Hydro, which makes the walls naturally sophisticated, inspired by marble.

Color brings elegance and atmosphere

In every room, it is important to choose a color that is in harmony with the style of the house and personal needs. Colors can be used to create a more lively and playful atmosphere, or to infuse a more sophisticated and refined air. Choosing the right colors for each room is a way to live in one’s own home by enhancing each environment and creating a welcoming and comfortable space.


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