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Showing of the COLOURS of the “MADE IN TUSCANY collection”



Yes to earthy colours and soft shapes in the autumn/winter 2022/23 tones

Among the trendy neutral colours of the new Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 season, the protagonists will be the colours of the earth; in fact, we will see the great return of the brown range in all their different colour possibilities, but also the other autumn colours such as forest green, marc and burgundy.


Viero Decoratives introduces all the colours and finishes of the “Made in Tuscany Collection”, which, as the name itself anticipates, have been conceived to open up unique decorative possibilities and recreate in the environment the ancient and timeless echo of Tuscan Nature, beautiful in all seasons and in autumn when it lights up with unique colours and shades; from olive trees to rows of vines, from fiery sunsets to rough stone, from the preciousness of the noblest marbles to the impalpable lightness of sands that descend to the sea. A unique collection that draws inspiration from a unique and world famous region precisely because of its ability to offer ever changing hints, panoramas and scenarios ranging from the sea to the mountains to the countryside. All this is contained in the precious casket of the ‘Made in Tuscany Collection’.

The creative potential of this collection exploits the synaesthetic imaginative capacity of the brain; it is indeed able to superimpose emotional sensations, stimulated by natural elements, on the target colour, which go far beyond the colour itself; reflections, materiality, texture, the sensation of wet or dry, of opacity or shine, static or movement, involve us and become part of the decorative interplay.


The ‘Made in Tuscany’ collection offers an extraordinary variety of products, organised in no less than two lines of decorative finishes to meet the most different needs: TERRE ETRUSCHE, a line more inspired by the countryside of the areas near the sea, and PETRA APUANA, which is inspired instead by green piedmont areas and foothills of this beautiful Italian region that is Tuscany.


Let’s get to know TERRE ETRUSCHE in more detail.


Viero Decoratives has perfectly recreated a full-immersion in the historical Lands of Etruria, as a tribute to an ancient people known throughout the world for knowing how to create undeniable beauty; a beauty still visible today in the splendid Etruscan artefacts.
The decorative finishes proposed in TERRE ETRUSCHE range from lime white to iridescent greys to dry, metallic beiges and browns, giving us the tactile and material sensation of rocks from which unique and precious elements such as gold appear:

Let yourself be captivated by the more elaborate antique golds of ZAMATHI, or the more raw and natural ones of CLEVSIN: ZAMATHI  enriched by the special decorative frieze, almost an inlay, will be suitable for embellishing classic and important furnishing styles, and will be enhanced to the full by soft shapes. Illuminate interior design by providing an excellent counterpoint to the dark colours or dark finishes of stone and wood details.


The colours of earth and rock can also be illuminated; the precious light effect is also guaranteed by the special decorative effect of CLEVSIN. It introduces a more homogeneous and uniform finish than its predecessor, which is also suitable for interiors with a more contemporary and minimalist look, and is the best of all background for enhancing artefacts and pieces of art in a refined and ‘fusion’ way, such as the wonderful oriental screens in painted gold leaf. 

TERRE ETRUSCHE offers us several other precious and material finishes.


Gleams of sunset of the burnt Siena land, bronze and rust come to mind when we look at the appeal of VELATHRI,  an interesting dialogue between shades of different colours, which can be used to make a wall protagonist, placing objects and decorations in the same shades nearby to make the final effect complete and vibrant, enhancing it. Reminiscent of rust, this decorative effect will be very suitable in the “vintage industrial” style, very trendy at the moment; leather armchairs and furniture in burnished metal or wood with an aged look will complete the ensemble, recreating the most suitable atmosphere for immersing ourselves in autumnal interiors.


VOLSINI, protagonist in its materiality and brilliance, it is best of all paired with more desaturated and opaque shades in the same tones, to bring out the best in it, however its best of all, as it is reminiscent of bronze or copper, is with the oxide colours of these materials, thus the range of ‘oxide’ greens, aquamarines, sages and the particular points of forest green that are very trendy today, or even more daring combinations with lilacs, purples and plums, which are precisely the colours of the autumn harvest, foliage and ripe bunches of grapes.


VATLUNA  and PUPLUNA, give us the choice of a ‘renewal’ of the Country style, more scratchy and rustic, as well as the possibility of choosing them as a backdrop for sculptural ethnic pieces, such as those characteristic of the design style that defines itself as ‘Tribal’ and uses upholstered armchairs and sofas, oversized in size and sinuous in shape, and loves to decorate with precious pieces given by nature; pottery made from hollowed-out trunks, branches and lianas that make screens and lamp bases, polished fossil trees used as table tops and coffee tables; all distinctive elements that find their best of all backdrops in these wall finishes.

In a more traditional style such as Country, they will be the charming backdrop best of all for a living room or dining room where a beautiful decoration created with pumpkins in cheerful colours and sinuous shapes will stand out, in anticipation of Halloween.


Let us now get to know PETRA APUANA in more detail.


Among the new inspirations of the Tuscany Collection, the decorative line PETRA APUANA also finds inspiration in the Tuscan landscape, in those immortal, eternal giants that are the mountains.

Also in PETRA APUANA, the collection revolves around the world of neutral colours.


You will be seduced by the concrete surface and the scratchy, natural appearance of NATIVO:  the stone as it is when it comes to light, with the irregularities and cracks typical of quarry slabs.

Choosing this finish will feel like having your house built directly in contact with the rock; an effect that is both ancestral and very modern, like those houses “suspended” in nature designed by visionary architects. To soften the “rough stone” effect and bring it towards a modern furnishing style, you can combine it with walls in light neutral tones and furnishing accessories in soft shapes and large sizes. As we approach the cold season textured fabrics and curtains in boiled wool and velvet will create a soft, charming and pleasant atmosphere.


A very similar decorative effect but with darker tones is that of LICHENE  where the greyish tones of the stone become more shadowy and finely different and the texture more uniform; exceptional with modern, designer furniture, particularly with the atmospheres of the Scandinavian furnishing style that combines grey with white and light woods that warms and illuminate the colder shades.

The abstract, three-dimensional and minimalist look of finishes such as BIANCO MARINA is absolutely contemporary; it adapts perfectly with modern and contemporary furniture, but also in environments linked to nature and the land, such as the ‘marine style’ and especially the ‘new mountain style’, the style of contemporary chalets; imagine it on the base of a fireplace, heated by a crackling fire; what more suitable finishes than those inspired by mountain stones?


TARSIA and FREGIO D’ARTE re-propose the engraved and inlaid stonework of ancient Renaissance palaces. The decorative effect is more modern and minimalist with TARSIA,  which, thanks to its tone-on-tone colours and rigid geometries, perfectly accompanies trendy styles such as the Contemporary style or the new style inspired by the Art Deco of city houses.

More classic and important is the decorative effect recreated by FREGIO D’ARTE, perfect in formal and representative furnishing contexts, offices, meeting and event halls that come back to life possibly in a renovation of historical buildings.
To warm up these particular decorative friezes, the best of all is to have or choose a wooden floor, favouring medium or dark and warm tones.

So let yourself be enchanted, fascinated, inspired by the exceptional decorative possibilities of the “Made in Tuscany Collection”!


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