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Interior Design Trends 2022: minimalism, natural materials, eco-friendly sustainability


Viero Decoratives presents the main sustainable interior design trends that have started to emerge in 2021 and will continue to evolve in 2022.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant palette created by the multi-talented artist Francesco Zavattari and inspired by the combination of six ingredients – apple and cinnamon, butter and sage, figs and walnuts – selected by Cromology Italia in Gusto-22, Viero Decoratives envisages a year dedicated to shades that directly stir up our perceptive senses.

Chromatic emotions in the name of natural materials and colours that warm up the soul

Six colours that evoke the use of several intuitions, even leading to taste and their relative sensory satisfaction, in the name of what we would call warm minimalism. This is the trend this year, where colours are warm and natural and the number of furnishing objects are reduced in the name of sobriety. The effect we achieve, however, is warmer and cosier in a homely meaning, compared to a typical minimalist aesthetic. If you don’t love the coldness of sterile white walls and grey tones, warm minimalism might be your choice, consisting of rounder shapes, natural materials and any shade of the beige colour palette. Start with buttery white, and consider adding the beige tones of cinnamon and apple walnuts through to the tempting apple tones of figs and the scent of sage.

Warm, natural colours with Viero Decoratives effects.

Decorating with effects that evoke the flavours of nature is also a sustainable choice. Viero Decoratives effects with natural materials in furniture can help create that calming and relaxing atmosphere that brings us back to environmental themes.

The Cenere effect by Viero Decoratives is ideal for recreating an intimate, refined and relaxing interior. Its dusty tones bring to mind the appearance of wood ash with all its charms. A light grey vertical stripe inspired by natural charcoal residues.

Marmorino made with Marmorin Sand provides the walls of the house an sober refined look, thanks to the presence of fine coloured sands in combination with mineral products, based on pure lime putty and marble dust. The results are smooth, translucent surfaces that are perfect for creating harmonious atmospheres, in which classicism is combined with natural sustainable elements.

Rete, made with E-Brezza and Viero Vel, creates a series of light and vibrant textures reminiscent of tree branches intertwined and moved by the wind, for a particularly relaxing decorative effect, ideal for an environmentally sustainable environment.

Clevsin by Terre Etrusche,  , with its gold micro granules, inspires precious textures. It is a three-dimensional effect, capable of giving the walls of the house a certain depth and an elegant feeling of enveloping comfort.

Wood made with Vieroplast and Decorative Bitumen, offers a warm and natural charm inspired by relaxing Nordic atmospheres. The striped patterns and wood tones of teak, wenge and iroko evokes the relaxing look of the tree bark.


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