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Petra Apuana


The tale of a walk in the Apuan Alps on the creative space of a wall

From a walk along the paths of the Apuan Alps comes a refined line of decorations, bringing the tale of rugged peaks, steep slopes, and landscapes, that touch the sky and look to the sea in the distance, to the creative space of a wall.

This is Petra Apuana and it is the second chapter of Made in Tuscany, the collection of Viero Decoratives which describes, step by step, through a series of finishes, one of the most desirable and best loved places in the world: Tuscany . 

After the Terre Etrusche series of decorations (2021) , the Viero Decoratives journey continues with Petra Apuana and a unique, original approach to the world of wall decorations, which make attention to detail, creativity, outstanding craftsmanship, the selection of the raw materials and the dialogue with the territory the cornerstones of the brand’s aesthetic and conceptual philosophy. 

An original project, balanced between art, interior design, and outstanding craftsmanship, which highlights the infinite creative potential of the refined materials, which are functional and comfortable to use; able to become the preferred tool for spinning narratives using textures, colours, and different substances; to satisfy even the most demanding wall creatives.

From the vision of the Apuan Alps come six decorations: Nativo inspired by the charm of marble in its natural state; Lichene which recalls the epic of Nature in taking back its spaces; Bianco Marina, a material finish to evoke the ancient origins of the mountains, created eons ago, from the seabed; Bardiglio, a refined reinterpretation of the grey texture of the marble of the same name; Tarsia and Fregio d’Arte, a tribute to the ancient Tuscan craft and, in particular, to the outstanding craftsmanship inspired by the marble. 


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