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Neo Art Deco in interior design


One of the current trends in interior design is the ‘Neo Art Deco’ style.

Art Deco is a style of furniture and design that peaked in the 1930s and held sway for more than a decade.


It is a very rational style compared to the Baroque and Art Nouveau styles that preceded it, the first style that can truly be defined as ‘modern’, presenting specific peculiarities of forms and materials, which are now back in fashion in the revival known as ‘Neo Art Deco’. As a result, it favours the use of marbles and other stones such as onyx, alabaster and malachite, which inspire not only floors and wall inserts but also furnishings such as tables and coffee tables, washbasins, consoles and crockery. It also likes certain colour tones in particular the combination of black and white with wood, powdery pinks and greens and green-blues such as ‘peacock’ blue.


It embellishes rooms with the half-height ‘boiserie’ (about 1 metre from the ground), also when you do not intend to cover the walls with wood panels, it can be easily simulated with the use of appropriate wooden laths and edging, which will then be painted like the wall itself, at least in the lower part. On floors, the Neo Art Deco style loves parquet with the particularity of the laths laid ‘herringbone’ in the French style, or the timeless elegance of marble, e.g. with large lozenges alternating with black and white chequered patterns.


It is a luxurious, urban style, made contemporary and elegant by the frequent combination with precious and ‘glamorous’ fabrics such as velvet or silk, and by glittering and golden finishes and details that we are likely to find in chandeliers, table and coffee table bases, table lamps or even in h on doors handles and furniture.


In order to create a visual uniformity with the textile elements, it is advisable to refer to the colours we select as the basis for the textiles on the walls, choosing decorative effects to be applied, for example, in the part of the wall above the boiserie mentioned earlier.


To emphasise luxury: best of all is the Silk finish whose metallic pigment content creates very elegant and classy light-dark vibrations, with the fantastic Colour Palette or the MITHOS LUX finish  with its shimmering effect reminiscent of the Venetian stucco finish and perfect as a contrast above white satinwood or visible wood paneling.

To enhance marble floors, the golden and pearlescent wall effects of ALLURE with its extensive Colour-Collection are best of all.

To recreate warm pinks and powdery tones, you may choose beautiful shades in the Colour Palette of the MITHOS LUX Finish. 
For charming and sensual blue and green wall shades in a bedroom, you can choose multiple shades of green, blue and azure in the Colour Collection of the SILK finish.

If you enjoy this furnishing style you now have all the elements to decorate your home in Neo Art Deco style with the luxurious and fascinating finishes and effects of Viero Decoratives!


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