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Vibrant, bold colours are on trend, to be matched in contrast with light shades and natural materials


For some years now, the use of bright, vibrant colours has been back in vogue in interior design. We all certainly have a colour that makes us feel good; our favourite colour, the one we like so much that we generally love it without hesitation, whether its softer,with more delicate shades or its more intense, richer tones.

Wanting to bring these colour preferences of ours into the house, it may happen that we do not feel confident, torn between the desire to dare to colour with full hands and the worry of overdoing it, and sometimes, worrying that we cannot find the right balance on our own, we give up from the very start.

Don’t worry; with Viero Decoratives we will learn how to combine vibrant colours and textures with neutral shades and natural materials, to create a balanced contrast that will enhance both the vivid aspect of colour and the calming aspect of neutral tones.

Just follow a few simple steps.

Step #1

Do not choose too many different colours to be used in the same room; one main colour for each room is enough.
To give the sensation of a colourful house, we can still dedicate a different colour to each room in the house, by shading for example; if we like the colours of the sea we will choose a full turquoise for the living room (ERA12), an aquamarine shade for the dining area (ALA47 ) and then a quieter, deeper teal in the bedroom, suitable for resting (ALA32);
If, on the other hand, we love the warm hues of sunsets and oriental spices, we may start with an elegant mustard colour in the living room (AL02), turning to brick in the dining area (AL06) and ending with a sensual cinnamon colour in the bedroom (ALA9).

Viero Decoratives ALLURE finish  with its fine pearlescent sands that bring the colour to life, offers a wide colour palette for your choice.

Step # 2

Once we have chosen the colour we like, we will apply it to just one wall of the room, the one that is visually more important, more with a scenographic impact; typically this is the one behind the sofa in the living room, behind the sideboard in the dining room, the clearest wall of the entrance hall (perhaps the one where the mirror or console table stands), or even the wall behind the double bed; On these walls suitable for decoration our vivid and intense colour will certainly make an impact, also because we will take care to refer to it later on at least one other element, perhaps the cushions, the bedspread, the carpet or an small armchair.

Attention! This also makes the opposite reasoning valid; if we already own a carpet or an armchair or other piece of furniture in our favourite colour (which is very likely given that we are in our house!) let’s start with that colour and also choose it in a bright, intense shade for the wall; we will certainly find it in the wide range of shades suggested by Viero Decoratives!

Step # 3

Keeping the ceiling white and the main wall brightly coloured, we must lastly, on the other walls, use neutral tints and materials in harmony; how should we adjust the combinations?

For materials; with warm colours warm woods such as walnut, teak, oak or dark woods such as wenge, will be fine; yellow-gold or bronze metals and glass elements will always be fine; 
with cool colours (greens) and cooler colours (blues and purples), in addition to all the woods already listed above, more delicate tones such as greyed woods or very very bright woods such as birch and beech, and even white metals, as well as brass-plated and gold-plated ones, will be fine.

Regarding neutral colours; these are chosen with the aim of creating contrast but also overall balance with the bright colour we have previously chosen, thus with cool-cold colours then a warm neutral such as dove grey or beige (ERA06 or ERA08) will result more balanced.
If on the other hand we choose warm, bright colours, then a cool or cold neutral (ERA02, ERA04) will be perfect to bring balance, ensuring we don’t go wrong!

The ERAMETAL finish  offers perfect neutrals for every event, emphasised and made vibrant by the characteristic light metallic glaze.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s finally enjoy our favourite bright and vibrant colours!


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