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How to decorate your home in Eco Bohemian style


Interest in the ‘Bohemian’ furnishing style has been in vogue for a few years now, and shows no signs of decreasing.

Why Bohemian Style can be called ‘ECO’

It is a multi-faceted furnishing style that originates from the desire to return to the poetic simplicity of somewhat ‘retro’ living, to a way of living our home that makes us experience ‘the breath of nature’ in its materials, colours and shapes.

This is why it is easy to ascribe it, not surprising, the characteristic of being ‘Eco’.
It is indeed a style with an ecological spirit in its connection to nature, its neutral and delicate colours and its love for plants as indispensable decorative elements.
It is eco-friendly in its search for materials and in its focus on ‘green design’ furnishings; natural woods, unprocessed fabrics, natural dyes, hemp, cork.

It is eco-sustainable as it does not disdain creative reuse and even vintage objects and furnishings that we might already have in our family homes for some generations.
In the more romantic and ‘European’ Bohemian style, there are also fabrics such as linen or velvets, romantic and somewhat ‘fané’, recalling the approach to life of the romantic, penniless poets in the attics of Paris, on the other hand, in the somewhat more contemporary overseas approach, artefacts of Native Americans are often mixed in, and this style is better known as ‘Boho chic’ because it gives the ‘Hippies’ approach, typical of the 1970s, a slightly more glamorous touch despite its simplicity.


In any case, if you opt for ‘Boho’ décor, you absolutely cannot do without small pieces of furniture made of woven rattan, wicker or bamboo (a small table, a small sideboard, the basket for the blankets or if you are lucky the beautiful rattan chair with the rounded ‘peacock tail’ back), a beautiful plant (or more) in a nice tripod pot holder, light woods such as oak or birch, basic neutral colours in the plan and touches of colours connected with nature.

And now we come to talk about colours; how do we best enhance this style in our home with the most suitable shades?


Viero Decoratives comes to our help with its wide range of colours and especially finishes and decorative effects. Indeed, it is good to know that, concerning the Bohemian style, the decor effect chosen for the walls can become the key point of the whole decoration.

Especially with neutral colours, in order not to make them flat and boring, texture becomes important; we can then enliven the walls with special finishes and decorative effects from Viero Decoratives.
Let yourself be captivated by the metallic finish such as ERAMETAL which will enliven the neutrals and illuminate the colours; be captivated by the vibrations of colour with the pearlescence of ALLURE which will connect us to nature, or recall on the wall near the plants, a rustic and natural effect such as the limestone of BIANCO MARINA or the tree bark-like effect of CRAQUELÉCRAQUELÉ.


If, however, even in the Boho style, we feel that sticking to neutral colours is limiting, then here are the colour families that best match this style; these are greens, blues and pinks (always in soft tones tending towards grey or pastel). Use them this way; if you opt for greens and blues, it is preferable to combine them with neutrals that warm them up a little, such as dove grey and beige, through to cinnamon and cappuccino; you will find excellent shades in the ‘COLOR COLLECTION’ of the ALLURE and GHIBLI finishes.

If you are inexorably fascinated by pinks, e.g. to make them elegant and not too cloying, you can use this matching from GHIBLI’s colour chart: use the shade of pink cod. GH120 that will look good anywhere and then match it with greys or grey-greens that make it more modern like cod. GH58 or cod. GH64.

Viero Decoratives has the colour solution for every style, including yours! So what are you waiting for? Start designing your personal Bohemian style now!


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