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Vier paints rooms: decorative finishes for nice and cosy living rooms


he living room is the heart of a home. It is the place where the family gathers and relaxes. The Made in Italy Viero Paints decorative wall finishes are designed to make any room look modern and classy. Here are some of the best paint finishes for a cosy living room.

The best wall colours for a living room

The living room is the place where you can relax by yourself or with friends and family. Decorating this part of the home with taste is essential for creating the right atmosphere for any occasion. This is why choosing the right colour is very important in a home.

Your interior design project must start from wall colour. In actual fact, there’s no such thing as the perfect colour for a living room, as it really depends on furnishing style, current trends and, above all, personal taste. From the neutral tones to the brightest hues, let’s take a look at the most suitable Viero Paints decorative finishes for living rooms.

Decorative finishes for living rooms in grey

Grey, in all its nuances, is one of the most successful, popular and chic colours used in interiors.

CENERE is a decorative effect that creates intimate and refined interiors. With its dusty shades, it evokes the appearance of grey ash. It is the perfect wall finish for a modern and classy living room.

CERAMIZZATO made with Ceramitz is the ideal wall finish to give living room walls that natural stone-like appearance. It adds a feeling of freshness and finesse to the entire space.

CONCRETE B made with Ghibli and Viero Vel is the perfect decorative effect for living rooms with a more contemporary taste, designed to suggest the appearance of fine grey concrete. CONCRETE S, on the other hand, creates spaces with an urban and industrial look.

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CORDUROY made with Vieroplast creates luxurious striped corduroy textures. It is applied by creating large, raised strips of alternating geometries. It is a unique texture for dressing up the walls of any living room.

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The CRAQUELE’ wall finish achieved with Krakkle creates unique linear or irregular effects, with different directions or thickness, based on personal taste.

MARMORINO made with Marmorin Extra is inspired by the finesse of marble and made with mineral products based on pure lime putty and marble dust. MARMORINO made with Marmorin Hydro is an opaque and compact effect, elegant and sophisticated, created with mineral products based on pure lime putty and marble dust.

SETA creates four different metallic accent effects in white, silver, gold and red. The pigments create unique walls for elegant and classy living rooms.

And VATLUNA made with Vierplast and Erametal, and VELATURA made with Viero Vel are perfect wall finishes for modern living rooms in grey.

Viero Paints decorative effects for original living rooms

RETE made with E-Brezza and Viero Vel is made up of light and vibrating patterns. The application with E-BREZZA plaster is characterised by a distinctive texture enriched with natural fibres and the presence of transparencies thanks to VIERO VEL glazing, coloured to match the finish.

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For an appealing living room with character, Viero suggests CHIAROSCURI made with Erametal; CLEVSIN, OSSIDATO RUSTEN, STUCCO VENEZIANO made with Lithos or STUCCO VENEZIANO made with Mithos Lux.

A special effect is WOOD with Vieroplast and Bitume Decorativo, where the striped patterns and the teak, wenge and iroko hues evoke the soothing aspect of tree bark, for a more natural-looking living room.

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