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Home renovation ideas: Tuscan-style painting effects


In our recent article titled Wall painting ideas using Italian brands”, we highlighted how renovating a home may take a lot of time and planning. Since the walls are the largest surfaces of your interiors, it is very important you choose the right colour and design to ensure that your home looks nice and inviting. By starting with your walls, you can completely transform and decorate your home with Tuscan-style wall painting effects using authentic Made in Italy products!

Home renovation ideas: Tuscan-style painting effects and faux finishes

The world of wall painting design is full of possibilities and Viero Paints is an Italian brand that embraces the latest trends in the industry. The wall paints and faux finishes from the Viero Paints Made in Tuscany Collection offer a starting point to help you renovate or design the home of your dreams. This is a collection of wall painting effects inspired by Italy’s most charming places to recover the sources, raw materials, colours, scents, flavours and artisan traditions that make Tuscany so great.

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Decorative finishes from the Made in Tuscany Collection

The Terre Etrusche line of decorative finishes draws inspiration from the Etruscan Lands that hold precious raw materials and a long goldsmith and metalworking tradition that has produced unique masterpieces.

Terre Etrusche is a range of decorative finishes signed by Viero Paints dedicated to native minerals and the processing of precious metals, from the materiality of iron to the richness of gold.

The Velathri effect, with its blue oxidation on bare rock, is characterised by the shiny nobility of copper. It’s a finish capable of bringing the naturalness of native minerals into your home, thanks to the use of E-BREZZA plaster and the metallic finishes of ERAMETAL to create an effect that is surprisingly pleasant to the touch with its depths.

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Volsini is a faux finish that evokes the surfaces of embossed bronze adorning your walls with its typical brilliance. With this product, Viero Paints provides movement through different layers and shades of colour created with a special combination of E-BREZZA and ERAMETAL, allowing the natural oxidation to emerge.

Vatluna from the Terre Etrusche line draws inspiration from the processing of silver to reproduce a modern vision of the metal on the walls thanks to the chiaroscuro effect achieved with a combination of VIEROPLAST and ERAMETAL.

Pupluna is a highly evocative effect capable of surprising. It manages to easily combine contemporary and modern styles, creating interiors with character and unique atmospheres.

Zamathi adds to your interiors all the splendour of gold thanks to VIEROPLAST, which is used as the base material on which to freely draw and express your creativity. An absolutely perfect decorative effect for interiors with a classic and refined taste.

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Clevsin with its micro granules of gold inspires elegant patterns. It’s a three-dimensional effect that gives a sense of depth and warmth to your interiors.


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