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Viero Decoratives: Viero changes its name and launches a brand-new website


Viero Decoratives, the charm, emotion and elegance of interior decoration proudly made in Italy. Viero changes its name and launches a new user-friendly website, capable of better meeting the needs of visitors with a sleek and modern graphic design.

Why launch a new website?

Viero changes its name and launches a new, user-friendly website to better meet the needs of its visitors with a modern and attractive graphic design. The decision to redo its website and change its name from Viero Paints to Viero Decoratives stems from the desire to give greater prominence to what Viero’s products are all about: a wide and exquisite range of decorative effects, which go far beyond the simple and traditional idea of wall painting.

Viero Decoratives

The wall decorative effects by Viero Decoratives are 100% Made in Italy and intend to represent the values of the authentic Italian style and elegance. Each Viero collection pays homage to Italy’s great artistic and craftsmanship tradition. Viero carefully researches the raw materials that serve as an inspiration for its collections, such as marble dust from the quarries of Carrara, or the fine metals used by the Etruscans. Thanks to this care, each wall finish in the Viero Decoratives collections will bring a piece of Italy into the world.

Viero Decoratives

Viero Decoratives, the Italian interior decoration brand, has established itself on the international market through its ability to inspire and personalise private and communal living spaces. The brand’s core values have been enriched with new connotations, capable of establishing a more modern and effective dialogue with all the people involved or interested in interior decoration. Viero Decoratives’s ambition is to expand to new markets and consolidate the existing ones with a view to give a global presence to its products. In this phase of expansion, it is important to ensure that the brand identity is clear, shared and above all coherent in all its forms, from the institutional activity to international promotion, up to the presence of worldwide distributors.

Viero Decoratives products

Thanks to its dynamic and cosmopolitan soul, Viero Decoratives reinterprets the ancient art of Italian decoration, creating a unique style that moves elegantly between the contemporary world and the charm of ancient residences.

Viero products enable to reach the ultimate expression of personalisation. Each decorative effective can be reinterpreted and personalised by each individual user. This makes the decor a unique and exclusive work of art where the mastery of the craftsman is revealed, taking on the prestige of a decorator from another era. Each decoration brings with it a story, starting with the selection of the raw material, which is then processed to achieve the desired effect.

Viero Decoratives collections represent a journey that leads from the material to the creation of new lifestyles, in a continuous dialogue between tradition and modernity. The beauty of the past is combined with the freshness of modern times to create new solutions. Through the decorative finish you will feel part of this exclusive experience that goes beyond the product itself and responds to the need for uniqueness typical of the Made in Italy mark praised worldwide.

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About Viero

Viero’s history draws from the ancient tradition of Italian craftsmanship and begins in 1967 when the Viero family started specialising in the production of tile adhesives. Soon the company perceived the need to expand, so in 1975, Viero started conquering foreign markets with its decorative effects for outdoor wall surfaces. In 1984 it consolidated its market position and launched a range of interior design decorative finishes and paints, establishing itself on international markets through the charm and elegance of the Italian style.

The brand maintains the values that distinguishes Italian craftsmanship, where attention to detail and care in the selection of raw materials are the same values for which Made in Italy has become synonymous with excellence and quality throughout the world.

In the 2000s, Viero renewed its brand and established increasingly important partnerships in the world of design and architecture, winning the international Design & Design Award for Brand Identify in 2012.

Drawing on its many years of experience in the field, Viero has delivered several training courses for professional applicators from all over the world through its Academy. Between art and craft, it is possible to discover the endless customisations that Viero decorative effects make available to applicators. Just like in an art workshop, each creation can become unique. In 2017 Viero turned 50 and celebrated this important anniversary with its Viero 50 years Contest, involving artists from all over the world.

Today, the brand has decided to take up a new challenge: to allow people to enjoy its products and vision also through the digital world by engaging in social media networks with a refreshed design, offering a new way of approaching the art of interior wall decoration.


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