Viero Decoratives wins over Bolgheri. A new mural for the Azienda Agricola Imperiale


An exciting new collaboration between Viero Decoratives and the Azienda Agricola Imperiale di Bolgheri. An excellent synergy was created as part of the launch of the line inspired by “Bolgheri” within the Made in Tuscanyproject by Viero Decoratives. Under the supervision of Fabrizio Da Prato, a professional artist and decorator, who defined the “colour design”, Viero Decoratives designed and produced a mural using the Marmorino inlay technique. The mural was aimed at enhancing the visual appeal both inside and outside the structure that the Azienda Imperiale Bolgheri has recently set up as a reception and refreshment area for its customers, with an area dedicated to the sale of wine products and tasting sessions. The entire wall decoration, surrounded by the vineyards, seamlessly blended into the surrounding landscape, was created with productsby Viero Decoratives and technical advice from Viero experts.

Bolgheri. Murales Azienda Agricola Imperiale by Viero Decoratives

A site-specific project in harmony with the surrounding landscape

“We met Matteo Frollani, the driving force behind the Imperiale winery, during our on-site visits for the launch of the Bolgheri line,” explains Elena Rosellini, Export Marketing Manager and Brand Manager for Viero’s decorative line dedicated to the foreign market, “and the idea of collaborating on a mural immediately came to mind that would blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape in terms of the colours, themes, atmospheres, values and emotions aroused”.

The Azienda Agricola Imperiale di Bolgheri is a relatively new company: the young Matteo Frollani decided to give up his competitive boxing career, take over the old vineyards of the Ferruggini family and start his own company. A life project that was in his blood given that Matteo’s father, Enio Frollani, originally from the Marche region and a farmer like his father, was one of the first people in the area to invest in the Bolgheri model and one of the original founders of the Consorzio in 1995.

New murales Bolgheri Azienda Agricola Imperiale by Viero Decoratives

As the winery built up its reputation in the local area for wine production, the need arose to turn the tasting venue into something special. The aim was to transform it into a welcoming space, one capable of arousing emotions and showcasing the company and the people who work there, while also conveying the values of an area with unique geological and climatic features through the materials and colours used.

Viero Decoratives opted for a design with a simple, authentic style, featuring geometric patterns reminiscent of the orderly rows of vines and fields, while at the same time playing with warm, earthy colours, conjuring up images of the colours observed on a stroll through a vineyard. 

The product used to achieve this result was Marmorin Extra in three different colours in keeping with the surroundings (burgundy, beige, ochre) and applied by hand with a trowel.

The site-specific project is made even more unique by the “Made in Tuscany” stamp and the handwritten signature of the artist, Fabrizio Da Prato, highlighting the uniqueness and tailor-made design of the entire project.

In contrast, two shades of green Vierotone were used for the indoor spaces.The use of the water-based wall enamel paint, Con-tatto, for the bathrooms and kitchens also deserves a mention. This paint has a velvet finish and HACCP certification, A+ thanks to its resistance to frequent washing and to bacterial proliferation through the presence of silver ions.

“We were delighted with the result straight away,” commented Matteo Frollani, “especially the ability to create original settings bursting with character, yet still extremely respectful of the environmental context. The ideal backdrop for our wine shop in which to offer tasting sessions opposite our Cabernet Franc vineyard”.

New murales viero decoratives azienda agricola imperiale bolgheri


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