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More than just colour. 7 Decorative finishes for textured walls


What is creativity in interior decoration? It’s more than just a question of colour. Textured wall finishes allow you to transform spaces and create statement rooms by playing with three-dimensional surfaces and the tactile appearance of walls, injecting personality and character into interior spaces and creating a unique and stimulating atmosphere. Textured walls add visual interest to rooms, allowing the designer to play with textures, choosing between coarser, sculptural surfaces or softer, more alluring ones.

They are an extremely versatile way of creating lots of different settings and can be applied either on a main wall to create a focal point in the room, or on partition walls, to create a visual separation between different areas. Or on all vertical surfaces to create a uniform effect and a bold look. Do you need some ideas to find the best decorative finishes for textured wallsfor your project? We have got seven for you!

1. Texture and design. The decorative Crackle effect for walls

Of all the textured decorative effects, the Crackle effect adds a sophisticated and original touch to a vertical indoor wall space, inspired by the antique and cracked look of old furniture, objects and paintings. The finish showcases a subtle pattern of small fissures, cracks and delicate crazing, lending a unique style to the rooms.

craquele effect viero decorative

Created with the special Krakkle mortar, this effect can be customised by varying the lines, direction and thicknesses during application to create exclusive looks, as can be seen in the relevant video tutorial. Which furnishing styles can be combined with this technique? Any style from classic to contemporary but, above all, an industrial look.

2. Corduroy, geometric thicknesses for eye-catching walls

Corduroy is a decorative effect, featuring a pattern that plays instead with the material worked in bas-relief. It creates a sophisticated, eye-catching finish with a luxurious elegance as the name suggests, inspired by the splendour of an ancient royal court… The effect is achieved by applying VIEROPLAST, an acrylic coating for textured effects that is easy to model and highly customisable, ideal for tailored projects and exclusive walls.


3. Moon Craters for lunar atmospheres and sculptured finishes

A contemporary, dreamlike mood is the signature feature of Moon Craters, the iconic 3D finish inspired by the pale surface of the moon. To conjure up the idea of lunar craters, the wall is transformed into an elegant, yet informal bas-relief, featuring alternating textured and rough areas created by combining VXF lime-based plaster with other portions of the surface finely smoothed with VIXALIT 500 lime-based paint. The end result is very eye-catching and particularly recommended for adding interest to understated, yet highly sophisticated indoor areas.

4. Volsini finish, alluring textured effects on walls

More than just aesthetics. The Volsini finish from the Terre Etrusche collection featured in the Viero Decoratives Made in Tuscany line also focuses on the tactile experience

volsini effect viero decoratives terre strusche

. A blend of visually appealing materials that are expertly alternated to create an embossed look with warm bas-relief and elegant fissures. The brilliance and sheen of metal meets the magma-like flow of the material by combining two products: E-BREZZA and ERAMETAL, resulting in a natural oxidation effect that imbues the wall with a sense of age-old stories and a bygone appeal. This is a decorative effect designed for sophisticated rooms and ideal for adding interest to particularly strategic vertical spaces.

5. Velatura, transparent layers on walls

A veiled, almost cloudy atmosphere in which the texture is evoked by the eye-catching transparent effects, revealing a glimpse of the various layers of paint created by all the steps taken by the decorator.

velatura wall effect viero decoratives

Velatura is a decorative finish that balances the colours of the base coat with the thin protective surface, creating an atmosphere that is ideal for sophisticated, eclectic settings. The application in the photo is created using VIERO VEL applied on a MULTIQUARTZ coloured background. However, as with all finishes created with Viero Decoratives products, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of different colour shades depending on how they are diluted and on personal taste.

6. Decorative finishes for textured walls? Fossili decorative effect for an archaic look

A porous material reminiscent of Travertine marble in appearance and colour. The design of the Fossili decorative wall effect is based on this concept. A mixture with a spongy texture incorporating decorative flakes which evoke the image of ancient natural fossils trapped in stone. A textured solution created by combining the TRAVERTINE product – based on real slaked lime, natural earth colours and the addition of special mineral SCAGLIE DECORATIVE available in four different colours. For sophisticated, timeless solutions.

7. Fermento, the decorative effect inspired by the winemaking tradition

A sense of fermentation and vital energy runs through this elegant, evocative finish, featured in the Bolgheri 2023 Collection by Made in Tuscany, designed and produced by Viero Decoratives. The decoration is inspired by the wine fermentation phase conjured up in the colours and tactile details.

The result is obtained by mixing the fibre-reinforced acrylic mortar E-BREZZA, the coloured glaze VIERO VEL and the delicate soft iridescent effects of SILK, plus the grainy effect of the matt textured quartz paint GHIBLI and the natural additive of SCAGLIE DECORATIVE, to add a pearly sheen to the overall appearance.

fermento wall decorative effect vierodecoratives

Recommended for classic settings, Fermento provides added inspiration for designers of contemporary, cosmopolitan spaces in line with the latest interior decorating trends.

Mix and play! Create your own decorative effect

The effects shown above are only a very small selection of the decorative textured wall finishes that can be achieved by combining different products, techniques, colours and tools. Find out about all the other effects designed by Viero Decoratives and be inspired to create a new, unique and personal decorative style that fits the space you are designing and reflects exactly what you have in mind. Because the best decorative effect is the one you still have to imagine!

Do you need assistance? We are here to help you

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