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Gold walls and exquisite textures. Six decorative finishes to inspire you


Gold walls with textures rich in tactile and decorative appeal. Covering the vertical space of a room (whether it be the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom…) with a gold finish is a way of injecting an iconic, hallmark, stand-out look, adding a touch of style and glamour to your decor. Gold is a timeless option, rich in cultural allusions and references, capable of expressing a bold and highly personalised visual content. Plus, gold decors are a great way to add light to rooms, even if only used for a single statement wall or to enhance a single part of the entire surface with eye-catching textures. What’s the one thing to keep in mind when using gold? Don’t go over the top: always carefully calibrate styles, materials and colours to maintain a high level of balance and elegance. Do you need inspiration? Viero Decoratives has designed a series of highly customisable gold wall coverings, ideal for creating striking backdrops, exquisite corners and eye-catching accent walls. 

Clevsin, decorative effect that is part of the Made in Tuscany Collection (Terre Etrusche)

Gold walls with the fascinating Clevsin finish, inspired by the Etruscans

This wall finish takes its inspiration from the history of Chiusi, one of the most important cities in ancient Etruria, formerly known as Clevsin. It is a decorative effect that is part of the Made in Tuscany collection, in particular, from the line inspired by the Terre Etrusche. Produced by mixing Vieroplast, Erametal and Allure products (following the creative process detailed in our video tutorial), Clevsin conjures up the splendour of ancient times, creating a sophisticated pattern reminiscent of the fascinating elegance of ancient artefacts. The dense three-dimensional effect and metallic look, flecked with micro granules of gold, creates spaces with depth and movement, adding a sense of comfort and warmth to interiors. · 

Damascato effect, made with the product Allure

Elegant, cosy, light-filled walls. The decorative Damascato effect

Inspired by the opulent and elegant appearance of damask fabrics, this decorative wall effect features the reflections of precious gold and silver pigments, that create fascinating plays of light in the vertical space of the wall. Produced using the decorative Allure finish enhanced with pearlescent, fine and easily adjustable silica sands, walls finished with Damascato have a metallic, granular appearance, ideal for illuminating the backdrop of sophisticated settings

finishes for bright walls
The classic Venetian plaster finish on the wal, made with Mithos Lux product

Fine traditions. Golden yellow Venetian plaster

Glossy, smooth and bright. This spatula effect revives the classic Venetian plaster finish on the wall, shown here in golden yellow. Obtained using MITHOS LUX, this is a natural lime-based decorative finish. What’s the result? A glossy mirror-like surface with a stunning, naturally 3D marble effect, with excellent visual appeal.

The decorative effect Zamathi

Zamathi, walls inspired by ancient Etruscan art of working gold

The ancient Etruscan word for “gold”. Zamathi provides a spatula finish in which the warm glow of gold is punctuated by elegant engravings inspired by the ancient Etruscan art or working gold. This decorative effect combines the easy-to-use Vieroplast modelling paste and the metallic, iridescent colour effect of Erametal on a single wall. The result is a solid wall, rich in nuances and light effects, in which the visual impact becomes an opportunity to conjure up cultural allusions and references, typical of the entire line inspired by Terre Etrusche, created as part of the Made in Tuscany collection. What kind of effect are you interested in? Watch the video tutorial to learn about all the steps, products and tools needed to achieve the decorative finish.

“Alpstein – Gold”, a decoration designed by the architects and designers Florian Schallibau, Mario Regli and Jürgen Knopp

Two creative finishes from the Viero Contest Book: Alpstein Gold and Ombre d’Oro

“Golden” inspirations were also the protagonists of the Viero Contest Book, published to celebrate fifty years of Viero history. For this anniversary, decorators from all over the world were invited to create their own personal wall decor creations using Viero Decoratives products. Two of the “golden” decorative finishes were:

  • “Alpstein – Gold”, a decoration designed by the architects and designers, Florian Schallibau, Mario Regli and Jürgen Knopp, for a luxurious hotel nestled in the Swiss mountains. The texture – winner of the 2017 Viero Contest – was created using the Krakkle product combined with a warm glaze of 24-carat gold pigments.
  • Ombre d’Oro is a texture created by the designer, Sharbel Rizk, for a location in Dubai, using Travertine and Allure products. It is a decorative finish that combines the rough and natural properties of lime with the archaic and symbolic charm of gold.

Create your own decorative effect for customised gold walls!

Thanks to the versatility, ease of use and wide range of choice of Viero Decoratives products, you can create exclusive and highly customisable projects, including combinations of different products to create new effects inspired by the gold theme. To learn more or if you are already our partner and want to take part in the Viero Academy, contact us! We are here to help you with personalised tips, answer all your questions or provide information! Create your own decorative effect for

customised gold!


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