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The charm of the details. Additives for decorative plasters


Here are a selection of additives for decorative plasters including light points, bitumen and grains that can give character and personality to the walls, making the finishes unmistakable. Small but precious, they are just what you need to stimulate creativity and create many new decorative effects for unique and customised environments.

Granito, made with Marmorin Hydro + Grani

Additives for finishings. The thousand potentials of decorative bitumen

Among the additives for decorative plasters, it is impossible not to start by mentioning the Decorative bitumen: a natural hydrocarbon resin in powder form, used by applicators to create indoor effects. It is the ideal solution for spotted, dark brown finishes or to create a typical aged effect. Some examples? Two in particular are the effects proposed by Viero Decoratives using bitumen as an additive for wall finishes.  · 

  • Wood, created with decorative bitume and Vierpolast, is an effect with a Nordic atmosphere, inspired by tree bark. · 
  • Cenere, an effect with dusty tones and a meditative mood made with decorative bitumen and Vieroplast; Looking at it, it evokes the greyish effect of wood ash.


Decorative grains, additives to create roughness and movement on the wall

Decorative grains are additives based on stone grits and are characterised by delicate metallic reflections. They can be added to coarse mineral finishes (Marmorin Hydro, Marmorin Extra, Travertine) to achieve the typical salt and pepper effect but also lend themselves well to other creative combinations. What are two finishes in the Viero Decoratives catalogue that involve the use of decorative grains?

  • Granito, a great decoration classic, made with Decorative Grains and Marmorin Hydro.
  • Fermento, an extremely textured decorative effect designed for the inspirational line Bolgheri by Made in Tuscany, designed by the combination of Decorative Grains, E-breeze, Viero Vel, Silk and Ghibli. Watch the video to discover the application steps.
Additives for decorative plasters

Additives for decorative plasters. Turn the spotlight on Punti Luce (glitter)

Not to be missed, among the additives for decorative plasters are also the Light Points: glitter in polyethylene based on epoxy resin designed to create an iridescent finish on the wall. In the Viero Decoratives catalogue for the the realisation of two decorative effects in particular, the following were used:

  • Nativo, designed by mixingPunti luce, Marmorin Extra and Marmorin. It is a decorative finish for walls created as part of the Petra Apuana inspiration line by Made in Tuscany. A tribute to the white marble of Carrara in its raw state, before the intervention of man.
nativo effect details viero decorative
Nativo effect detail
  • Punti Luce, a finish created by adding Punti Luce (glitter) to Ghibli, a decorative paint with high covering power that enhances the surface with soft movements and refined textures.
Punti Luce

Customized walls. Create new finishes with additives for decorative plasters

In short, for those who want to customise their walls, additives for decorative plasters are certainly an excellent ally. In fact, thanks to the versatility, comfort of use and the wide range of choice of Viero Decoratives decorative products, it is possible to create exclusive and highly customisable projects. If you want to learn more, contact us! We look forward to supporting you with advice and answering all your doubts or requests for information!

Additives for decorative plasters

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