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The video tutorials that explore Italian techniques


A true goldmine for interior design enthusiasts and industry professionals. Viero Decoratives has an online collection of video tutorials that showcase different application techniques and the extraordinary effects that can be achieved using their products.

Viero Decoratives’ video tutorials provide a unique opportunity to learn and discover the endless possibilities offered by their decorative coatings.

The secrets of Viero Decoratives, the well-explained Made in Italy.

The video tutorials offered by Viero Decoratives are a valuable resource for those wishing to explore application techniques and the stunning effects that can be achieved using various decorative coatings.

By employing the techniques demonstrated in the videos, living spaces, offices, and commercial areas can be transformed into extraordinary environments, expressing the tradition and quality of Made in Italy. From sophisticated damask effects to textures inspired by stone, metals, and wood, Viero Decoratives offers a diverse range of options to satisfy every taste and design style.

By exploring Viero Decoratives’ video tutorials, industry professionals and design enthusiasts can learn new techniques, discover the wide variety of textures, and unleash their creativity. Be inspired by the beauty of Viero Decoratives’ products to create unique environments that reflect artisanal excellence and Italian tradition.

The Video Tutorials

Each video presents a brief synopsis that clearly explains what will be shown, allowing viewers to select the tutorials that interest them the most.

The ALLURE video tutorial delves into the fascinating world of the “DAMASK” effect. It demonstrates how to expertly apply the product to create an elegant interwoven pattern reminiscent of the renowned damask style.

The “NET” effect is one of Viero Decoratives’ iconic designs. This video tutorial guides you through the process of applying the ERAMETAL product to achieve a unique metallic finish with net-like textures that add depth and character to the surface.

The GHIBLI video explores the fascinating “DAMASK” effect and shows how to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication with this timeless motif. You will discover application techniques that deliver astonishing results.

The KRAKKLE dedicated video tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a unique and stunning finish. This technique imparts a lived-in appearance and an authentic atmosphere with its distinctive crackling and irregular texture.

With the dedicated LITHOS video tutorial, immerse yourself in the traditional Italian art of “VENETIAN PLASTER.” Discover how to apply this product to create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere with a marbled finish and a unique texture.

The MARMORIN video guides you through the application process to achieve the captivating “MARMORINO” effect. This tutorial teaches you how to create elegant and refined surfaces that evoke the beauty and atmosphere of ancient Italian tradition.

The MARMORIN EXTRA video shows you how to achieve an even richer and more intense effect with the application of MARMORIN EXTRA. This finish provides a luxurious appearance and a deep texture that enhances spaces with elegance and style.

The video showcases the application of an elegant and sophisticated coating inspired by the qualities of marble. In addition to the finish created with pure mineral products, a transparent and waterproof protective layer is applied, making this solution perfect for water-exposed areas.

The video demonstrates how to create a captivating marble-like effect with a sandy texture. You will discover how to combine the beauty of MARMORINO with the delicacy of sand grains to achieve a unique and eye-catching result.

The video introduces you to the fascinating and elegant effect offered by MITHOS LUX. It is a classic Venetian plaster that gives surfaces a refined appearance, creating plays of light and shadow that add depth and character to spaces. The result is a glossy marble-like finish, naturally three-dimensional and of great aesthetic value.

The OSSIDATO RUSTEN Effect video shows how to combine LITHOS and RUSTEN FINISH products to create a unique rusted oxidation effect. This technique gives walls a stunning appearance, inspired by the passage of time and the beauty of decay.

SILK – “SILK” Effect
The SILK tutorial video guides you through the process of applying the SILK product to achieve a luxurious and refined effect reminiscent of silk. This velvety finish gives walls a sense of softness and elegance, transforming spaces into true gems.

With the TRAVERTINE video, explore the “TRAVERTINO” effect and learn how to create a surface that evokes the beauty and uniqueness of natural stones. This application technique allows you to achieve an authentic and sophisticated look that enhances spaces with its timeless charm.

The VIXALIT 500 video introduces you to the “VIXALIT 500 ANCIENT” effect. This product gives walls an antique appearance and a rich historical atmosphere. Discover how to apply VIXALIT 500 to achieve an elegant and refined finish.

CONCRETE B Effect created with GHIBLI and VIERO VEL
The CONCRETE B Effect tutorial video shows you how to achieve the “CONCRETE B” effect by combining GHIBLI and VIERO VEL products. This application technique creates a surface reminiscent of the most sought-after concrete, giving spaces a modern and industrial look.

CONCRETE S Effects created with VXF and VIXALIT 500
The CONCRETE S Effects tutorial video guides you through the application process of VXF and VIXALIT 500 products to create a variety of “CONCRETE S” effects. These techniques allow you to achieve smooth or veined and shaded concrete-style surfaces, offering endless design possibilities.

CORDUROY Effect created with VIEROPLAST
The CORDUROY Effect tutorial video shows you how to create the “CORDUROY” effect using VIEROPLAST. This technique gives walls a soft and refined ribbed texture, similar to elegant fabric, creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere in the spaces.

FOSSILI Effect created with TRAVERTINE and SCAGLIE
The FOSSILI Effect tutorial video introduces you to the fascinating “FOSSILI” effect achieved by combining TRAVERTINE and SCAGLIE products. This technique creates a surface that resembles fossil traces and natural stone ripples, adding a touch of charm and mystery to the spaces.

MOON CRATERS Effect created with VXF and VIXALIT 500
The MOON CRATERS Effect tutorial video shows you how to achieve the “MOON CRATERS” effect by combining VXF and VIXALIT 500 products. This technique creates a unique and evocative texture inspired by lunar craters, giving walls a surprising and contemporary appearance.

RETE Effect created with E-Brezza and Viero Vel
The RETE Effect tutorial video guides you through the application process of E-Brezza and Viero Vel products to create the “RETE” effect. This technique creates a net-like texture that gives walls an elegant and poetic appearance, adding a touch of originality with a decorative effect inspired by intertwining and wind-blown branches.

STONE Effect created with VIEROPLAST
The STONE Effect tutorial video shows you how to achieve the “STONE” effect using the VIEROPLAST product. This technique creates a surface reminiscent of natural stone, rough and textured, displaying extraordinary shine ideal for natural environments.

WOOD Effect created with VIEROPLAST
Lastly, the WOOD Effect tutorial video will guide you through the application process of VIEROPLAST product to achieve a fascinating “WOOD” effect that imitates the beauty and warm atmosphere of wood. This technique transforms walls into a wooden surface, creating a cozy and natural environment.


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