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Viero Academy: Discover the Italian Excellence of Artistic Decoration


The art of decoration has always been a form of expression that reflects the beauty and elegance of the places we inhabit. In Italy, the homeland of great art masters, Viero has created a unique place in Tuscany to learn and perfect its decorative techniques: the Viero Academy.

This facility has been designed as a “Made in Italy” school of decoration, where enthusiasts and professionals in the industry can immerse themselves in the universe of Viero’s products, decorative effects, paints, and materials.

It is a meeting place to learn the most innovative techniques and applications, while also rediscovering traditional Italian systems and materials, and how to apply Viero plasters and finishes to achieve unique and special decorative effects.

A unique learning experience

The Viero Academy offers a variety of training courses and workshops that cover all aspects of applying Viero products. Professional applicators, specialized distributors, painters, architects, interior designers, and all decoration specialists have the opportunity to learn or refine their techniques directly from Viero’s experienced master craftsmen, who share their knowledge and skills passed down over the years.

The courses are suitable for those who wish to pursue a career in the decoration industry as well as those who want to expand their professional skills. The sessions take place at Viero’s Italian headquarters in Tuscany and at Viero partner offices worldwide.

Viero Academy
Viero Academy with his courses represents a bridge between past system and modern technologies

Innovative techniques and high-quality materials

One of the distinctive elements of the Viero Academy is the attention given to innovative decorative techniques and the rediscovery of past systems. Each course is structured to provide extensive hands-on experience, allowing participants to experiment and learn directly in the field.

The use of high-quality materials and the artisanal approach guarantee astonishing and long-lasting results.

A bridge between tradition and innovation

The Viero Academy represents a perfect blend of Italian tradition in artistic decoration and technological innovation. The offered courses combine traditional material processing techniques with the latest trends in decoration.

This unique approach allows participants to acquire skills that go beyond the boundaries of simple product application, encouraging creativity to create extraordinary environments characterized by unique and enduring decorative effects.

Viero Academy: An international reference point

The Viero Academy has gained solid international recognition as a reference point in the field of artistic decoration. Decorators from all over the world flock to Tuscany to participate in the courses and enjoy the stimulating atmosphere that the facility offers.

The Viero Academy has created a network of professionals and enthusiasts who come together to share their passion and experience, creating a community of excellence in the field of artistic decoration.

Viero Academy, a Made in Italy school of decoration

Viero Academy: discover the italian excellence

The Viero Academy represents a unique place in the panorama of artistic decoration training. With its artisanal approach, the use of high-quality materials, and a focus on innovation, this Made in Italy school stands out as a reference point for those who want to perfect the art of decoration.

Thanks to its international reputation, the Viero Academy attracts participants from all over the world, creating a network of professionals and enthusiasts who share the same passion for the beauty and elegance of the places that surround us.

The Viero Academy is much more than just a school: it is a stimulating environment where creativity thrives, and the art of decoration is taken to new levels. Through the courses and workshops offered, there is an opportunity to acquire advanced technical skills, but also to develop a personal style and a unique aesthetic sensitivity.

The Viero Academy embodies Italian excellence in artistic decoration, passing down the artisanal tradition and contributing to the growth and spread of this art form. The Viero Academy is an authentic Italian gem that promotes beauty and elegance through the art of decoration.


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