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Viero Paints decorative effects for the Christmas home


Christmas is a magical time of the year and one of the most eagerly anticipated holidays. Decorating your home for Christmas without being tacky is not easy. A good rule of thumb is to focus on detail without overdecorating!

Christmas home decoration tips

Christmas decorations are always fun and nice to see. However, if you want to decorate your home with taste, you should make sure your Christmas decorations match the overall style of the house. This simple tip will help you create a pleasant and tasteful environment. Whether you choose a modern, classic, Nordic, shabby, contemporary, or industrial style, the important thing is to ensure that your Christmas decorations boost the charm and enhance the Christmassy atmosphere.

Christmas colours

Red, gold, green and white are the typical colours of Christmas.

Red expresses its best in many different shades. Bright red conveys passion, excitement, life, and love; on the other hand, the more delicate tones of red give a sense of warmth and serenity.

But the classic Christmas combination is without a doubt the red and green of traditional Christmas trees, wreaths, and mistletoe.

White and gold are considered Christmas neutral colours. A touch of white and a pinch of gold is the perfect combination to create a joyful Christmas arrangement and bring together different tastes, styles, and needs.

Viero Paints decorative effects for the Christmas home

Nothing says Christmas like a big red wall!

Stucco Veneziano made with Lithos is a marbled decorative effect, belonging to the range of Venetian plasters. It is made with an acrylic solution called LITHOS, which gives walls a compact, smooth and reflective appearance.

Viero Paints decorative effects for the Christmas home

The golden colour surface created with Zamathi for living room walls will help create an elegant Christmas atmosphere. Zamathi made with Vieroplast and Erametal takes inspiration from the art of goldsmiths to embellish walls with refined engravings. In this case, VIEROPLAST acts as a base for creativity. The splendour of gold is enhanced with the grace of the ERAMETAL finish by a wealth of shades and plays of light.

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Rete made with E-Brezza and Viero Vel is the perfect wall paint solution for rooms with a more contemporary design. This decorative effect creates a series of light and vibrant textures resembling tree branches moving in the wind, conveying a sense of nature and relaxation. The application of the E-BREZZA plaster creates a distinctive texture embellished with natural fibres and transparencies thanks to the use of the VIERO VEL glazing, coloured to match the finish.

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Finally, Cenere made with Vieroplast and Bitume Decorativo is a decorative finish that creates intimacy and sophistication, reproducing the comfort of wood ash. This is the perfect wall decoration to add some character to your Christmas ambience. The application of the VIEROPLAST plaster adorns walls with a light grey vertical striped pattern that is embellished with a delicate flaked effect, created with the dusty tones of BITUME DECORATIVO.


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