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Accent wall. 5 “Made in Tuscany” ideas for walls that furnish


Creating an accent wall is a great interior furnishing idea, whether you’re looking to split, add rhythm, model your spaces or simply embellish a certain room with a creative wall, inserted as a design element. We have selected 5 ideas from our Made in Tuscany collection to arouse your creativity and add a touch of style with exclusive walls.

Barricaia, the perfect accent wall to create a relaxing space

Waiting, winding down, the inebriating scent of a Tuscan winery. Barricaia is the result of all these suggestions and is inspired precisely by the wooden interior of the countless wooden barrels found in the evocative wineries of Bolgheri, where typical wine is left to mature for months until it’s ready to release all of its potential. This finish is characterised by a mix of warm, tone-on-tone blends to create a truly welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. In the photos we show here, we imagined it used to provide a rhythmic feel in a place absolutely dedicated to relaxation: a luxury spa. But the relaxing and meditative nature of Barricaia harmoniously adapts to many different styles and can serve as the perfect base and stimulator of creativity in all kinds of projects, whether a living room or studio… How did we do it? Combining the Viero Vel glaze effect, Ghibli sand-effect quartz paint and Vieroplast mortar, as explained in our video tutorial available for you to watch.

Sophisticated and powerful, meet Bardiglio. For a harmoniously contrasting wall

Elegant, decisive. In these images, we imagined it used to apply a touch of class in a sophisticated bathroom, however, the Bardiglio decorative covering is so versatile that it can easily be applied to all interior spaces and any style, be it classic or contemporary. Part of the Petra Apuana inspiration line finishes from the Made in Tuscany collection by Viero Decoratives, Bardiglio is the ideal choice for those who love dynamic effects in terms of both colour and texture. Just like Bardiglio marble, this decorative finish features the typical grey shading enriched by suggestive, cloudy blends of soft greens, interspersed with touches of white. The result is a dynamic wall that takes the spectator on a journey, leading them straight into the heart of the iconic Apuan Alps, the mountains surrounding the Tuscan city of Carrara. The Viero Decoratives product used to achieve this effect? Multiquartz and Marmorin Extra made with lime, and the NaturWax Eco protective topcoat. All the steps, tools and products to create this effect are explained in the dedicated video tutorial.

Fermento, the accent wall to infuse the room with energy

An exclusive interior with a wall full of character, texture, energy and deep colours ranging from burgundy red to garnet and ruby, oscillating between intense shades of brown and purplish accents. Decorated with Bardiglio, the wall becomes the star of the room, rich in tactile and chromatic detail. Ideal for classic indoor décors, it is also a creative solution for super-contemporary settings, perfectly in sync with the latest interior design trends. So much so, that we decided to use it in a fashion showroom for our catalogue. Fermento is achieved by combining the action of the E-Brezza fire-reinforced acrylic mortar, the Viero Vel coloured glaze, the iridescent and soft effects of Silk, the Ghibli granular quartz paint and the natural mineral additive, Scaglie, adding a beautiful pearlescent sheen. We tell you all about it in a video, showing its application by one of our decorators.

Zamathi, the decorative finish for a gem of a wall

Precious, elegant, ideal for lighting up a sophisticated room with nothing but a well-designed accent wall. Zamathi, from the Terre Etrusche inspiration line, dresses the wall with a sophisticated look that speaks of history, inspired by the splendour of the ancient Etruscan people, their able craftsmen and precious metalworking skills. Adaptable to more classic styles but also latest contemporary trends, this finish is designed to be applied in any room, whether a living room, bedroom, showroom or hotel reception… Which products did we use to get these results? The Vieroplast finish allows freehand designs of recurring motifs, while Erametal gives the gold metallic effect featuring rich nuances and plays of light. A video is available for this finish too, explaining all the application steps involved! Interested in other gold-themed inspirations? Read our article dedicated precisely to gold-toned decorative finishes.

accent wall foliage

Foliage D’autore, the allure of an artistic wall decoration

A wall that doubles as a genuine work of art, capable of transforming the vertical space into a creative portal, telling stories that are both unique and personal. An ancient yet at the same time novel concept, which thanks to our products and the skill of an expert wall designer, can be transformed into reality. Foliage d’Autore is a freehand reproduction of silken vine leaves in the sun, seen during a relaxing walk through the Tuscan vineyards of Bolgheri. The effect is that of a cultivated jungle with delicate and enveloping shades of green, pink and white. Ideal for a dreamy and relaxing bedroom, or anywhere else.The effect is achieved combining the action of E-Brezza fibre-reinforced acrylic mortar, a Viero Vel glaze, and lastly Silk, for a soft and, as the name suggests, silky effect. The secret ingredient? Your creativity, of course! Find out more in the video featuring our master decorator at work. Be inspired and create your own personal project, experimenting with and freely changing the subject and colours.

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